Saturday, December 22, 2012

School Christmas party // 2012

LOVE school parties! If you follow me, you know this. For years and years we have always taken pride in attending and participating in the multiple school parties over the year. I love each and every one of them because they are just so much fun! There is a crap ton of sweets and sugar highs, fun decorating crafts and this one even had a visit from the fat jolly guy.

I think Chaz loves them just as much as I do (forgive the awesome bed head, momma fail!!) 
I always have to take a picture of the fun crafts on the walls. I know they will eventually end up in our keepsake box but I need it documented here as well.
Chaz was very clear in telling me this was NOT a seven but he actually ran out of fuzzy balls (his words, not mine)
Snowman hand. I am not sure of the extra decor around snowman hand but I really, really love this one.
Snack time! This is his sweet little girlfriend.. Note: We aren't allowed to talk about it. ;)
Ms Sam is a genius. She decided to hot glue the houses together beforehand. They don't eat them anyways and all they ever do is fall down and create earthquake ridden towns.. Stay tuned for a separate post on that momma double fail.
James (Chaz's BFF) was so stinkin' adorable decorating his house. Look at that grin!!
Final result!
Very proud contractor. (Again with that hair!!)
I love this place. We started a new school back in July 2012 and have loved every single minute of it. The decision was hard to make but I think it was a great decision. I have seen my kiddos prosper and grow under the great care and love of this school.
And Miss Sam is such a blessing. We love her so much. She is very much like me -- totally type A personality  and OCD. She loves things organized, orderly, clean and perfect (amazing challenge for a PreK teacher, huh??) She also loves sweet time and kiddo love.  She is simply amazing and Chaz loves her to pieces.
This kid could not have had a better time!! Yes, I finally wrangled him into the bathroom and took control of that wacky hair. HA!
This was a two part event. Again, another reason why I love this place, the fun never ends! The next morning was time for Santa and a concert. The smile on Chaz's face totally reflects the smile on mine. We were both just grinning from ear to ear. This really is my cup of tea!
Dane well.... not so much. He kinda hates Santa. Just like his brother did.
and then it was concert time. Chaz had been practicing every night for months. He was so excited to be able to preform for us. Again, permagrin.
Can you see him?
Yes, they tried their best to create these platforms for the performance but unfortunately, they didn't really work. Next year, stadium style.
Need some help? Here you go, see the top of his Santa-hat-covered- head and the tip of his forehead? There you go!
Probably one of my favorite days at this school. Ahhhhhhhhhh, blessed. 

Some of the past year's Christmas party. Although they were at the old school, they were still very wonderful memories. 2011, 2010 & 2009

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