Sunday, December 16, 2012

Light on the square // 2012

Our downtown square is AMAZING at Christmastime. We usually spend one evening downtown with my parents but this year, we just didn't figure out a time..I don't think we did last year either, dang. We did make a point to go down as a family a few times.
Not 100% sure of the hand placement, what is that all about?? But these are my loves, my heart, my everything.
Not by the nice man above, but by the little guy below. He is a happy, happy little conman.
He decided to be cheesy and pose. I mean, it would have been cute but what is up with this cheesy grin and wicked eyebrows?? Disclaimer: this is my favorite cheesy five year old grin ever.
Fun times had by all.
No, we did not get conned by both of them. Big brother was nice enough to share and little brother was NOT letting go.  Do I have any bets on how long this thing survived?
Answer: 1.5 days. Yep, piece of crap. But the memories are what matter, right??

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