Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hollingsworth kids party // 2012

This year we got invited to something that I hope becomes a tradition. My friend Kristal had triplets 6 months before Dane was born. We didn't know each other very well as at the time (we has mutual friends and had been casual friends) but we became good friends over the past year. Luckily with good friends come awesome kid parties!! My boys had a blast. Chaz was so excited for the cookie decorating.
So were the other rugrats!!You can tell she has one year-old triplets because mini tables full of toddlers and icing doesn't rattle her in the least.
I gotta admit, although these cuties look so different, I still suck at telling them apart. I think it is because they move and switch around so quickly. It is like I think I know and them BAM, they are all in different places again.
 Amazing work of cookie decorator.
I even got a chance to sit and enjoy the decorating party...and admire the work of my big guy
He may or may not have eaten some icing... he isn't talking.
Maybe Driver, maybe? All I know is this one was all about the icing. I personally think he is a genius because it is really all I like when decorating anything.
Christy, Kristal, Cruz, Elsie and Driver.. making some reindeer treats.
 Elsie with her reindeer treat creation. The treats are inside, you don't feed the entire thing to Santa's crew.
 I think this is Cruz. I think..He was making reindeer treats. Oats and red glitter. How cute is that?!?!
The weather was amazing so we got to go outside and play. I was so happy to run some of the sugar energy out of these kids.
And then it happened, the mommas decided we needed a group shot... I really don't know what we were thinking. I thought I would go ahead and get a "cute shot" of my kiddos before the chaos completely erupted. This should give you a glimpse of what is about to come............
Insert sticks into a picture of toddlers... and you will have issues.
Notice the Hill boys...fighting over a stick, God love boys. 
You know me, I will take what I can get when it is a shot of a million kiddos...HA!!
As if they weren't high enough, momma of steel introduces more sugar. God hate love this woman!!
I think this is Driver..
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, icing. I am afraid if we left these four little one year-olds to their own ways... we would be in MAJOR trouble!!
Thank you Hollingsworths for inviting us into your house and your holiday celebration. I hope this is continues to be a tradition for years to come, such fun!!

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