Saturday, December 22, 2012

Derrion's c-ya later/Birthday party // 2012

After we found out that one of Chaz's BFFs was moving, we soon discovered another one was leaving as well. Chaz dealt with it, or hadn't really figured it out yet, better than I did. I gotta say, I shed a tear or two about these sweet little boys moving on and out of our lives. I love them oh so much and it just make me so very sad that they are leaving. I know Chaz doesn't really get it, and for that I am grateful but it still makes me very sad. We are splitting up the four amigos -- Nigel, Derrion, Chaz and Lucas (who couldn't be there for the send off.)

Ok, I am done weeping... We gathered for the Derrion sendoff and birthday combo. Have I mentioned how much I love this little guy? I really hope he comes back to see me Chaz so I Chaz can get a good Derrion hug. He gives the best hugs. His Momma was so super smart to combo up these two events. It really kept my Chaz's emotions in check, thinking this was simply a birthday party.
Baby boy was not so keen on ChuckE being in his car. "Dude, get out!"

"Really, out...... now"
"Yooooooou are piisssssssssssssssing me offffffffffffffffffffffffff"
James and Chaz playing the snowmobile game. I don't know if he has a black eye or is just really freaking tired. WOW!!
What you say? You say CHEEEEEEESE as in Chuck E? Yep, here you go CHEEEEESE!
Derrion and James being totally silly. I loves these kiddos!!
Good gravy, I am going to miss this little boy!!
Happy birthday little guy! Your momma did such a great job on your Skylanders cake!!
and a little love from the mouse!

I don't know if this is bored or totally exhausted.. HA!
Don't get too excited, Derrion.. Really, calm it down.

There is the boy I know and love!!!
Breakin' it down with the mouse.
The crew, minus Chaz.. he was being a total pill..
Silly boy!!
Present time!!!!
Happy birthday, Derrion! I cannot tell you how much we are going to miss you and your momma. You have been such a great friend to our little guy. I hope you show your face around these parts soon. Know you will always been known as one of Chaz's first and best friends. He talks about you all the time and I just don't think that will end. Please tell your momma to keep in touch with us on FB and let us know you are growing up to be the fabulous little boy I know you are meant to be. Hugs and kisses!!!!

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