Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Randomness

October continued our days of "crazy hair." They had a few designated "crazy hair" days at school and, of course, the kiddo and the hubs were all about it. I received this one morning on my way to work. Awesomesauce.
I know I post the sleeping baby a lot but how can I not. I get to enjoy this every evening. It is my job to give the baby his bottle and rock him to sleep. I love my job.
Yes, this is October and yes, we are outside in short sleeves and shorts. The weather has been amazing!! We love the evenings where we can hangout with the other families in the neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is quickly filling up and we couldn't be happier. We love all the sweet families with the little kiddos. Dane was quite pumped when he discovered his brother's Big Wheel. It will be years before he can ride it alone but he was still happy as can be.
The dads got a little silly one evening. I told the hubs that I didn't think he could fit in the Cozy Coupe. He proved me wrong, black socks and all.
And then our neighbor took advantage of the hubs being stuck in the Coupe. Hilarious, blurry and fun.
Yes, he has discovered the cabinets, the drawers and everything in between.
Dane is at the stage where kids bite and when they bite they tend to find some good spots. Like, the face. Chaz suffered the same fate around the same age. Thank goodness I have already been through this once. I totally have the second-kid-syndrome with this one. Ehh, he will be fine.
The hubs made a "seat belt" on the jeep. You see, it came with seat belts but they broke long, long ago. I wasn't really a fan of this so it didn't really last long.
This is one of those
Wife - "Are you sleeping?"
Hubs - "No..." with a moaning rumble
Wife waits 1.5 minutes and takes a picture for documentation that he does in fact nap.
This kid is the funniest boy I know. He is simply hilarious. Every once and a while I will hear this little voice that says "Momma, take a picture of me" Every time I hear that, I can't wait to turn around and see what he is up to. Kid in a bucket.
Kid saluting and playing with a train while standing on the ottoman.
Dane is infatuated with dogs. My parents big dogs are his favorite. They are large, stout labs. They would completely run over him if we let them in the backyard together. Therefore there is always a glass window or his Papa in between them. He travels around my parent's house looking out all the windows trying to find the dogs.
and then when he does.. he stars yelling "PIKE, TAR!!!" aka Spike and Star.
We were all feeling a little under the weather so we climbed in bed early one evening. No, we don't all sleep in our bed but this sickness called for cuddletime.
Chaz LOVED Kyle when he was Dane's age.. and now Dane is in love with him. Again, with the dog thing. They love to run back and forth and just chase each other.
 We had a good time rocking. He would say "rock, rock....rock, rock"
This was actually from Dane's birthday but I didn't find it until after I did his birthday post. Oops! I couldn't let them go unposted. It is so cute how much he loves his little brother.
LOVE them!!
Unless you live under a rock, you know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have seen a bunch of FB posts about struggle, courage and survival. Amazing what these people and their families have been through.  I will have to say, this was one of my favorite, light-hearted posts of the month.
Two days before his birthday, he found the stairs. Ugh, the day I have dreaded. But I am super proud of his for being such a big guy!!
And then there is this.. Oh this noise--remember we have concrete floors and high ceilings.. If this is hurting your ears now, just imagine it in person. Every.single.night. Instant headache but the hug at the end is totally worth any headache he could ever give me!!
This is what happens when you let the boy enjoy a Friday night movie in your bed... he fights it and then ends up crashing in the laundry basket.
So I received a text with this picture and the tag "Car-0, Train- 1" from my hubs one morning. Problem is, my hubs has a black car and from the mangled wreckage I couldn't tell if this was his or not... AND he had the kids that morning. Needless to say, this required a call back as opposed to a text. Come to find out, it wasn't him and the people in the car were ok. But it sure makes for a wicked picture.
Fun Saturday shopping as a family. First off, we must have our sunglasses.
and then we have to be silly and try on hats. This boy has a thing for hats. He actually calls them "Papa" because Papa wears hats and plays hat games with him. It is super cute and so is he!
Brother got himself all dolled up and asked for a picture. What a sweet smile. Heart him!
This day was perfect, the weather was perfect, the kids were behaved and the little man reached for my hand without being asked.
We were actually out to get ideas for Christmas, so we just had to stop by Build-A-Bear. Chaz is not very fond of characters but he was quite the fan of the bear outside the store.
Dane isn't scared of anything.
We spent some time tossing money in the fountain. Dane really just wanted to go swimming in the fountain. Thank goodness he didn't get his way.
Thanks to our friends Brandon and Rian for getting married this month, we got to have a night out! They got married in Jamaica and had a reception upon their return. If you can't tell, we were pretty excited to get a night out!
I am sure you have heard about the pandas around Washington DC and penguins around other cities, well in Fayetteville we have pigs. Why wouldn't we have pigs?!?  We reception was at a local place called Mermaids so this pig had a tail. And my friend Amy decided that this was a perfect photo opportunity.
I agreed!
And so did the guys! We had such a fun time!!
This is the happy couple. The venue had very low light and all I had was my iPhone so this is what you get!
 I did get a picture of the groom and their little guy, Dalton. 
 and one with the bride. Heart them!!
 There is a new era in photobooths folks! Fabric backdrop, couch and a remote controlled camera = new flanged photobooth! Me and one of my BFFs --Sally!!
One of the best parts is the remote. You just sit down, cut of with your friends and snap, snap, snap! Absolute hilarity!

And if you crop out the goobers peaking through the curtain (which I chose not to) you can get some pretty cute pictures!
Then we all piled on and decided to get some good group shots! Beside the wives, this is the old Red Lobster crew from our college years. What a fun crew! We always have such a good time together and it brings back such good memories!!
Rian really wanted "the dude ring" picture and I have to say, I think we nailed it!
Me and my love!
and yes, the hubs can break it down! HA!! This is what happens when you let the old married folk out of the house!
More wonderful times with the neighbors. I heart these sweet kiddos and their momma. It is so wonderful to call/text and say "uhhh, you doing anything? I'm bored, bring over the kiddos and a cold drink!"
The hubs decided to do a little science experiment with the kiddos. I just stood back and took pictures! All the kids were so anxious to get involved and have a turn.
Some plastic cups, water, paper towels and food coloring sure makes for a good time!
Then it was out to the garage for some more fun. Paint, glitter sticks and pumpkins = pumpkin painting time!!! Everyone was so excited and ready for the challenge. They all got their own pumpkin to do with what they wanted.
I am pretty sure he ran 10 glitter sticks into the ground.
Mile had a great time decorating his little pumpkin!
Of course the mommas had to jump in and "supervise" Yes, we are only supervising, no pumpkin painting ;)
Look at the awesome job they did!!
Yes, I painted a tiny little pumpkin for the tiny little pumpkin that was long asleep in his crib.This is Dane's pumpkin
This is Taylor's pumpkin.
Dane's big pumpkin, with help from Momma and brother.
Chaz's pumpkin. Look at all that glitter on top!!
Miles' pumpkin.
Elli's pumpkin
I love our randomness. I love our neighborhood. I love our family. Happy October Peeps! BTW, I am thinking of changing the "random" posts to a new name. I am open to suggestions!

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