Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aiden's Birthday // 2012

Another sweet friend, another fun birthday!! I am pretty sure we have at least one party a week for 2 months during the fall. It is crazy!!
Aiden is a sweet friend of Chaz's who is so sweet to always invite us to his birthday parties! This year it was Boingo Bounce.
As usual, the kids were in crazy form and ready to party!
Oh and I guess my "oldest" was ready to join in. Yes, the hubs loves this place.
Crazy, crazy kiddos!
Even this little bundle of joy joined in the action. He loves these little horses.
They are yummy..I know, Mother-of-the-year!
and they cater to his dare devil tendencies.
Again, insert the hubs... These kiddos understand him and embrace him as one of their own. Isn't that sweet of them??
and yes, by the time the last kiddo's turn came around, he was sweating profusely!
Then it was time for pizza!
and presents! He got a bike from his parents!
His cute Sponge Bob cake!
Happy Birthday, Aiden!!!

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