Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dane 12 months // October 2012

We did it! We did pictures for 12 months! Some were not on the exact day but most were! I know it isn't the biggest accomplishment of my lifetime but I am very proud of myself for doing this. I honestly thought I would be able to get through 6 months and then I would have to "fake some." You know, take one month one day and then a few days later do the real month... and in the middle have so much mommy guilt that I couldn't get over it. Yes, that is what I thought was going to happen but I am happy to say, it didn't! We did it!
This little guy is so happy! Always smiles!
He is silly like his brother, which is why he fits so well with our family!
I love being the momma of two boys (three if you count the hubs.) These two are the best of friends. They pick on and love each other all at the same time.
Somehow the sticker ended up on his arm.. and he decided to eat it, silly boy.
Love him! And I love that I have been able to document him growing over the past year. 

Dane's 1st birthday // October 2012

First picture from his first birthday. Not the most flattering and a little blurry but it had to be posted. I have a "thing" for firsts.
Crazy-bed-head brother wanted to give him a bunch of love. They were both so excited!!
While the hubs and the birthday boy got ready for the day, big brother and I headed to the party store to pick up some items for the big party. He was in charge of picking out balloons.

His birthday was all about him, as it should be. So we dressed him up all spiffy-like and headed out on the town.
and by on the town I mean to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. He was quite excited, can't you tell??
We are those awesome parents who give their baby a lemon. I hope you are as twisted as us and find this funny. Note: He actually begs for these, it isn't as forceful as it looks.
Chaz was our entertainment for the afternoon.
We decided to go to Sam's Club. I mean it isn't really a party day without going to Sam's, right? Oh and yes, that is a Thor hammer and the baby isn't wearing shoes. It is his birthday, he can do what he wants.
He also got a little mini party at Gaga and Papa's as the rest of the world was busy getting rained on at a Razorback game we lost..Yes, I am a little bitter by this point in the season. Anyway, he enjoyed one of his favorite meals pepperoni Bagel Bites--actually he enjoys almost anything as he is a BIG eater. Chaz call him a garbagedispuzzle (Garbage disposal)
Much love before bedtime!
The next morning it was present time. I actually forgot to have him open them when we got to Mom and Dad's and by the time we were settled, he was way too tired to unwrap. So, we got up the next morning and let him open his gifts. Now before I continue, you must realize I am a very practical person. I like gifts that will be used, nothing fluffy. My boys were born during the same season, so we have all the clothes and toys we could possibly need (not that I don't buy a thing or two here and there) SO when mom asked me what we needed, I was very practical. Any guesses?
He was happy! You would have thought there was a puppy in the box.
Did you figure it out yet? I mean it really doesn't matter what was in the box but rather if they could keep the box. Which they did for at least 3 weeks.
Did you guess it? Yep, practical and needed.
When the baby went down for his nap, Chaz and I quickly got to work on the party treats!
Papa though he was funny and made chocolate drops out of the leftover chocolate.Grossness.
After LOTS of running around, cooking, decorating and sweating... it was time for the party!!! Mom and Dad wanted to go ahead and give Dane another gift early. I wasn't sure what it was but I knew it had to be good.
And it was. This amazing piggy bank flew all the way from Richmond, Virgina. When I was pregnant with Chaz we visited my parents in Richmond, they lived there at the time. While there we went into a kids boutique and bought Chaz a piggy bank just like this --his has frogs on the back. I was a little bummed that Dane wouldn't have a matching one BUT when my folks visited last month they made a special trip. Heart them!!!
A little bit of the party decor. Chaz's first birthday was Razorback themed so I figured I would do it again with Dane.
RINGS. Gotta have the rings!!!
The smash cake. My mom came through at the last minute with this one. We sent the hubs to Ricks Bakery early that morning to pickup the little hog smash cake that I had wanted but only to find out that they were closed. I didn't account for his party being on Sunday and was totally devastated. My sweet mom was wonderful enough to recognize that I was sad about the lack of smash cake and went on a little mission. Success!!
Ryan made a giant Rice Krispie treat. Hilarious!!
These were the cute treats we were making earlier that day. Yummy Oreo pops!!
Candy bar had things like popcorn, ring pops, marsh mellows, animal crackers, gummy bears, etc. It was a hit!
Along the mantel I printed and posted pictures from each month of his life. This was probably one of my favorite decorations of the party!
We didn't have a structured party but rather just let the kids run around and play. It turned out to be a beautiful day and the kiddos could play outside.
Although some found the toys inside and were content to play inside.
Cooper and Evan.
Dane and Evan, how sweet are they?
 Sweet Cooper. For certain one of Dane's best buddies.
 This fun little guy came from the Clawson's and it quickly became one of his favorite toys.
For reals, could he be any cuter?
Fletcher enjoying the roller coaster.
Elsie had a good time running around with all the kiddos and her daddy!
The Hollingsworth boys joined us for the party and seemed to have a great time!
They have a roller coaster at their house so it took about 2.5 seconds for them to climb on and give it a go!
Dane playing on the slide
Maybe my favorite picture of the day! His tiny little hair sticking up on end from the static, the sun shining, the adorable shirt.... ahhhh, it can't get any better than this!!
Austin waited his turn and got to join in on the sliding fun!
My backyard was littered with toddlers and I loved every second of it. This was about a 1/4 of the kids at our house!!!
How many toddlers can you fit in the little house?? The real answer is 6 because 2 more bullied their way in before it erupted in meltdowns. God love toddlers!!
Sweet baby Lilah. Could she be any more beautiful??
Aunt Michelle with her little birthday buddy!
Then it was time to open presents. Dane was more into the paper/boxes and the bigger kiddos wanted to help open.
And announce and show each and every toy to the crowd. It was quite the show.
This picture makes me giggle.. So totally random. A picture of Jackson doing who the heck knows what with his toes and said toes looking like they are going into Dane's mouth. Love it!!
I tried, as best I could with a 1 year-old, to look at and let him discover each toy.
The other little ones were very interested in the toys one they came out of the gift bags. It was like "WOAH, Toys R Us??!?!"
This may be one of the top played with of the bunch. It is a pirate ship for the bathtub (or as in my house, the shower)
We took time to read handwritten cards from his sweet cousins.
More Vanna White Chaz showing toys. He was so funny and would announce each toy and show it to everyone in the room, Vannastyle.
I love this! My mother-in-law is responsible for this phenomenal piece of artwork. Well, she didn't paint it but she had it done. Chaz also has one with his name. I LOVE these!!
Hee Hee.. baby in a hog hat!
As usual it was necessary for brother to bring out his silly personality. Hilarious!
Gaga reading a card to Dane. He is quite the fan of this sweet lady!
Fun times on Rody! His legs were just a little too short to bounce but soon he would be going crazy on this thing!!
I had to get a picture of me and my littlest. Forgive the double, double chins.. bad angle.
Happy 1st birthday!! We love you SO much!!!
Party, Party!!
and then it was cake time.. At first he wasn't having it, so it required a little coaxing from me.
He thought about it....
Didn't take too long.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
Do you love it?? Just a quick idea and a little help from my momma. God love her!!
MMMM, still goooooooood!!
Sweet and messy all at the same time!
Chaz watched the very beginning when Dane wasn't interested but that took way too long for him, so he headed outside to play. When he came back in he was very confused by the terrible mess that was his brother.
and them Alexis "caked" him! HA!
Last shot before hitting the bathtub. Good job buddy!!
 The aftermath......
Due to the mess of the baby, we decided to take the rest of the cupcakes outside. Red icing wouldn't look so great on my light tan couches.
The kids were pumped!! Campbell wasted no time. This girl loves her sweets!!
Frankie was a big fan!
And how cute is little Truman with his icing grin!
Sweet Coop.
And then it was back to playing. How could you pass up such a beautiful day in mid October??

All the sudden Chaz came to me in a panic, we had not done the proper tradition of putting the hat (the one that has been around for 14+ years) and singing "Happy Birthday."  Yes, momma got a little wrapped up in the smash cake and forgot about the singing. Ugh! Thank goodness for the never-forgetful 4 year-old!  So, we threw the infamous hat on, tossed some chicken on his tray and started singing. It wasn't the original vision, but it worked!
We had some crazy tongues as a result of the yummy candy on the candy bar!!
Sure a right of passage around our house.. the baby found the cat/dog door! Love it and hate it all at the same time!
In case you wanted to see a close up of his SUPER cute shirt! I have a friend from college who made it. Isn't it adorable!?!?! She is local so if you need something made, let me know!!
I think this is probably the cutest thing ever. This is Dane's card from Chaz. Chaz picked it out himself.
And was sweet enough to write in it and draw a picture of the two of them. I will cherish this forever and always!!
After the party was over and the baby was ready for bed, we opened one last gift. It was a very special gift left by Meme. She wanted to make sure it was safe and secure so we placed it in Dane's room to be opened after the party!
Dane was quite excited about this one. I figure he knew how much love went into it!  It is a map of the US with all the corresponding quarters placed within each state. It also has some really cool ones that aren't US state, like Guam. Meme made one for Chaz for his birthday as well. My dad covered them with plexiglass so they can't get damaged.   How amazing that they will be able hang onto for a very long time! And knowing their sweet 86 year-old GREAT grandmother worked so very hard on it, that is a bonus!
 How cool is this?? 
 Both have a very sweet note to each boy on the back.
 Here is Chaz's because I totally forgot to post this picture. Love her!!
 Captain dare devil decided it was time to play around in brother's room! He loves chairs and the Razorback one is no exception
He was SO proud of himself!
We had to switch pjs (don't ask) but after that it was off to bed. Such a sweet little boy and a wonderful day!
And now for the sappy part of this post. I can say just the same that I do for Chaz, WHAT?!?! He is ONE?!?! Where did the time go? I literally feel like this was yesterday. Boy oh boy what a day THAT was!!!  I could not be happier to be a "boymom." Both my boys are so precious and perfect. I remember worrying that I wouldn't have enough love for another baby because I was (still am) infatuated with Chaz. But low and behold, I did! I love this little guy more than I could ever have imagined. He is simply amazing!!
Here are a few of my favs throughout the year..
And if you want to know a bit about him...
  • He is a happy, happy baby!! He rarely cries.
  • He LOVES his big brother. They are inseparable.
  • I nursed  him for 7 months, once he started biting... we were done!
  • He is still drinking from a bottle. I cold turkey-ed Chaz but Dane was having none of that. This is goal over the next few months, I will break him!
  • He only took a paci for about a month, then he was done. Chaz took one for about a week. 
  • He LOVES his Daddy and his Papa. Almost to the point of infatuation
  • He is a BIG eater.  He will literally eat anything you put in front of him
  • He has quite a few words -- Dog, Momma, Dadda, Cha (Chaz) Bo (Bottle) Mo (Milk) More, GoJaaaa (Good job) Gaga, Papa, Dah, Yeah, Go, Ball, Ky (Kyle) Pike (Spike)Tar (Star)
  • He wears 12 month clothes (they are still a little big) and size 4 shoe. 
  • His foot is thick and fat. Cuteness!!
  • He is known as the aggressor at school.When he wants something, he goes and gets it. I gotta think this will help later in life. 
  • He doesn't mind having his nails clipped. He just sits in my lap and lets me do it.
  • He loves to take showers.
  • He is FAST! He is a runner.
  • He started walking a few days before he turned 11 months old. Just like his brother. 
  • He is easy to make laugh. He is quite giggly. 
  • He weighs 19lbs 
  • He has six teeth. Four on top, two on the bottom.
  • We flipped his car seat to front facing on his birthday. He LOVES to be like his brother!
  • He loves to play with his Daddy's cell phone.
  • He can work the photo slide of a smart phone.
  • His favorite thing in the world is his lovey.  It kind looks like this. Actually, it was Chaz's and he wanted nothing to do with it. Dane found it when he was little and they have been attached ever since. I was lucky enough to find a second one in the blanket basket so I am able to switch them out and wash them ever few days. He loves it, it is adorably cute!
Taggies Little Taggies  Starry Night
  • He is CONSTANTLY moving. ALWAYS!! The one time he sat still, that I can remember, was when he was sick. 
  • He is my sicker kiddo. He has had a number of ear infections, 2 double ruptured eardrums, a nasty stomach bug, a skin rash, wicked diaper rash, an eye infection and a couple of colds. 
  • He goes to bed at 7:15 and usually wakes up around 7. This is IF he sleeps through the night. 
  • He is a terrible, terrible sleeper. It was great up until the ruptured ear drums, after that it was all down hill. Some nights he wakes 2-3 times. I am so lucky to be married to a guy who needs little to no sleep. He is great at getting up with him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Oh you sweet, sweet baby! What a wonderful year you have given us. We prayed for you. You are a gift that was given to us after a very dark time. You brought me much happiness at a time that I was so, so sad. You are my little light, you are my little miracle. Thank you God for giving me this sweet little blessing. I promise to continue to love, care for and cherish this little guy. Dane, you are amazing and I can't wait to see what the next year brings.