Monday, September 3, 2012

Natural Game with cousins // 2012

Marcy had tickets to the Arkansas Naturals game and invited all the cousins to join. The boy was pumped. This was one of his items on his Summer list (more to come on that) and he was ready to enjoy the game, his cousins and mark it off the list. Just look at that face!
 This one wasn't super excited but I was secretly hoping he would go to sleep but as you will see, my wishes didn't come true.
 The rest of the cousins were just as excited!
 Well, Brandon may have been more excited about his popcorn than anything.
 Turner joined us too! He was so very excited to watch the game and hang with the Hill cousins!
 Jackson is quite the fan of his buddy Turner.
 Yep, still awake
 We got there a little too early and Chaz lost a little interest waiting for the game to start. Thank you Steve Jobs for your wonderful invention!
 They were ready and waiting.. and waiting... and waiting....
 We watched some of the game, Chaz and Daddy sat in the stands with the cousins while Dane and I sat up top, we had the stroller so we had to make our own seats. Once boredom set in, which we knew it would with these kiddos, we headed to the park. The Natural stadium is awesome. There is a park, blow up slides and all kinds of things for the kiddos to do!
 Still kickin' it.....

We must race and compete with everything we do--Chaz and Jackson.
By the time we left the park the kids were hot and sweaty. They decided to use this to their advantage and spike their hair. Goofy kids.!
Sweet boys, good friends.
Yep, still awake. You do notice it is starting to get dark, right? And you do know it is Summer and gets dark around 9, right? And you do know the boy goes to sleep at 7, right? Ok,just checking.
Before we left we had to take a quick, over an hour, turn on the inflatable slide.
Brother sat at the end and watched the big boys come down the slide. He thought it was hilarious.
I can't really blame him. The boys were in full form, hamming it up for the little guy!
Dane even got a little turn on the bounce house and mooned the crowd. Yes, that just happened.

Almost time to go to bed?
Nope, we have to throw the baseballs first.
After all that fun, we had to watch one more inning!
Jackson was so happy to hang out with his cousins. He and Chaz had the best time!
Chaz was NOT happy when I told him it was time to go home. I don't think he wanted the fun to end.
Yes mommy, I promise I will go to bed when we get home.. Sure..........
What a fun evening with friends and family!!

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