Sunday, September 30, 2012

My little crew // Photoshoot Summer 2012

If you remember this post, you remember that it ended with a trip to get a skull x-ray after Dane landed on his head. Well, we decided we wanted a few more pictures as this basically functions as Danes 6 & 9 month pictures.. Yes, he is the sad recipient of the "second child" status. When Chaz was little, I had his pictures done at birth, 3, 6 and 9 months almost to the day. I was a crazy woman about it. This little guy well, not so much. Sorry dude. If we have another I will be shocked if we have anything more than snapshots :)
Anyway, we met Philip in downtown Springdale one evening in hopes to get some great family photos. As usual, Chaz was a mess---melting at every turning point. I don't know why he picks picture day to be a mess but it is always this way. Philip handled it all like a pro. Heart him.
I will say, you can't even tell from the looks of these pictures that it was a stressful shoot and we were all sweating by the end of it!!! Enjoy!

I love the candidness of these pictures. I love that this captures the love and chaos of my family to a tee. I love that my hair is messed up by my kiddos in 1/3 of these. I love that in the end the baby's feet are filthy. I love that in the middle of this session, during meltdown number 1,435,675,327,893, Philip decided to just shoot away with Chaz and totally changed his mood. I just LOVE these pictures so very much. Thank you, Philip!! You are amazing!!!

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