Friday, September 7, 2012

Michelle's 40th // August 2012

I love when people cross a milestone of oldness... Oh I mean, I love when one of my favorite people celebrate a monumental birthday....Yeah, that is what I meant!
My cousin, who is rather like my sister, turned 40 in August. In true form of this family, we were all there to wish her well taunt her about going over the hill. When we got there, Michelle was still asleep so we quickly went to work on the decorations. Nothing says 40 like a sign asking for a "Honk!"
Chaz decided he wanted to help decorate. Nice work, buddy!!
more Chaz....
There were signs on the outside, on the inside, literally everywhere!!!
Her hubs was sweet enough to get her a walker for her b-day.
And yes, we were even sweet enough to all go into her room and wake her up with our beautiful singing!!
Our Meme was nice enough to bring her walker to her.. Note: Meme is 86, Michelle is 40. HA!!
Papa hanging with his favorite buddy (not the rat dog but rather the cute little kiddo)
Chaz was so excited to get to swim! It was rounding the end of Summer so these days were quickly becoming fewer and fewer.
Birthday girl, opening her presents.
Alexis getting loves from the little guy!
Meme knows her roll.....folding tissue paper. Every.single.event.
Dane is quite fond of Kenny! He will be such a good daddy to his new little guy (due Dec 2012)
My loves! I often say I have my hands full with these boys, because I do, but I wouldn't change it for the world!!!

These people don't play around when it comes to water guns! Chaz said it was super heavy!!
I guess she needed a little help with her cake!
And she decided to share.
Yep, pretty sure I like that stuff!!
Daddy and Chaz enjoying their cake!
Nothin' more fun than a couple of kiddos in a hammock!

Well, maybe a couple of kiddos and their Gaga is more fun :)
Love this! Absolutely LOVE!
I really didn't want the baby to get in as it was a bit cool and he had the sniffles.
But he was pretty determined....
and he won!
Chaz decided he was cold and wanted to get out of the pool. In doing this he got trapped in Aunt Michelle's tickle machine.
and just as quickly as he was out, he was back in. This kid... oh this kid!!
As usual, we put the kiddos in their pjs before leaving. Dane decided to show us a sweet kissy face...
And a super "Happy Birthday" for his Aunt Michelle!

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