Wednesday, September 5, 2012

July Randomness

Here we go with some randomness.. I heart these posts.. They are simply fun and chaotic, just like our lives!

We are oh so lucky to have special neighbors who we see multiple times a week. Taylor is infatuated with Dane. She simply can't get enough of him. He is quite fond off her as well.

If you remember our Summer list, you remember one of the items on the list was to pick fresh fruit. The hope was to be able to pick fresh strawberries. We wanted to do this SO much that we packed up the family and headed to McGarrah farms. Now, to be fair, this is not a simply 5 minute trip--it takes a good hour from our house. Chaz was stoked. We talked about it the entire ride there. He couldn't wait to be able to pick some yummy fresh strawberries -- do you see where I am going here? Do you sense this buildup is going to crash and burn soon? Well, you are right. I did the due diligence to look up the place, confirm it was open on the weekend, confirm hours of operation... Yep, did all that. What I didn't do was confirm the growing season for said strawberries. We pull up, noticed their were only 2 cars and immediately knew this was not going to fair in our favor. A nice gentleman in his well worn overalls, who I can only assume is Mr McGarrah himself, comes over to our car.

Mr Farmer Man - "Can I help ya folks?"
The Hubs - "Yes, sir. We are here to pick some strawberries"
Mr Farmer Man - "Bahahaha!!! Well son, you are about 3 weeks too late. Sorry! Come back in a few months and you can pick some pumpkins."
(The Hubs quickly shot me a look that would take any planner momma to tears. I stood strong)
The Hubs -- "Whoops! Well thank you, sir! We will be back in a few months"
Mr Farmer Man -- "Hahaha. Strawberries" as he walked away
Mr Farmer Man's buddy - "Strawberries?? Ha, couple weeks late, ain't they?!?"
The sad planner momma -- "Well, Chaz.. momma goofed that one up."
*Momma fail*

My sweet hubs decided he was going to figure out a way to make this work. He proceeded to gather ALL the produce from the fridge and strategically hide it around the backyard. When Chaz woke up the next morning, the Hubs told him some jacked up story about how we had produce growing in the backyard and he needed to go outside and pick it. Somehow, the boy who doesn't believe anything... fell for it (or he just really wanted to pick some fruit)

Grab a bucket and head to the back.. Let's do this!
Well, is that a green pepper wrapped in the water hose?? An apple on top of the fire pit??  A strawberry randomly kickin' it in the yard?? Why, yes it is!

Even Brother wanted to know what we were up to!
He really was so excited to pick all the fresh fruit/veggies in the yard. I do love that one of the pictures I got was only showing disgust. Hilarious. Thank you Hubs for finding a way to fix this momma fail. A+
We took full advantage of the great moods, and great weather, and headed to the park. This little park in Johnson is one of our favorite parks in NWA. There is never anyone there and the boys have a blast.
ALL the boys.
You know my philosophy.. Blur = having a blast! This one is actually blurry because I was laughing so hard at his giggle that I couldn't gain control of the camera. Love it!
Bustin' loose!
Slide time. I mean seriously, could there be a cuter little kid?? Never!!
He was simply having a blast. Probably because his little brother was asleep in the stroller and all eyes were on him. For a short time it was like being an only child again. This was Chaztime.
And he was all about hamming it up!
I remember when I was little, I would try to climb the slides. I was usually unsuccessful. I would get almost to the top and then at the last minute, I would slip. OR there would be a teacher yelling "Down only!" Boooo! I decided to let him go for it. Success, first try.
I can only say, he comes by this honestly. 100%

Then it was time for Mommy to have fun!
Look at that! I DO exist!!
I love this little guy more than life itself. He makes me so happy!!
This little angel was just that, an angel. He slept the entire time.
Speaking of random. This is my randomness. This is our life right now. We have quite the creative little guy so our life is full of tiny pieces of paper, crayons, markers, tape, scissors, stickers.. all made into random structures. I think we have a little engineer on our hands!
And this one, he just eats. All.the.time.
He has no shame and could care less how mess he is. He knows that once it is all said an done that lady he calls Momma will bathe him, slather him in lotion and put him in his pjs, all because the smell of a clean baby is her Kryptonite. He is 100% right.
One evening I heard the screams of the older kiddo. He REALLY needed me to come outside "It is an emergency" So I ran out, my hands still covered in dish soap. Hmmmmmm, didn't look like anything out of the ordinary was going on..
This guy was extremely smiley
These two were happy. Boy in the pjs, Daddy with a beer on his phone.. Yep, all 100% normal.
But what was that?!?! Yes, it is what you think it is...... the Ice Cream Man!!! Chaz was so good and patiently waited for him to make his way to our house. And yes, it was 7:15 at night. Who does that to a momma? Who sends the Ice Cream Man to my neighborhood this late?? And evil person is all I can figure. Ok, back to the kid who was being oh so patient.
This guys was just his normal smiley self.
He studied the truck like it was finals time..
And settled on a standard cherry pop. This kid does not try new foods. He is his mother's child. Although I was a little miffed that the IC Man decided to venture down my road at 7:15, I couldn't really deny this little boy THIS much joy! Look at that face!!!
Evening gas station. Yes, they are ALL in their pjs. Love our neighbors!!
I was getting ready for bed one night, talking to my hubs the entire time. His responses of "umm, hmm" and "yeah" quickly went to silence. I came out of the bathroom to check on him and realized he was sound asleep. It was around 9pm and he was staring at a black screen. I started laughing and he woke up. He said he wasn't asleep to which I replied "then why were you 'looking' at a black screen"  He just grinned and went back to "not sleeping."
I absolutely LOVE my time alone in Target. It is my time of peacefulness. I can walk every aisle and browse. It is simply blissful..... but there are times when chaos comes along. Those days it is a quick rush through, at least one dirty diaper, at least one major meltdown, at least one lost hubs and at least one very frustrated/tired momma.
This could possibly be one of my favorite pictures ever. I guess little brother was crying to Chaz reached his hand over to comfort him. Precious!!
Crazy dance party!!
I get to look at this sweetness every single night. I know, you are jealous!
This month we hit a milestone, we washed Chaz's mouth out with soap. Well, I didn't really "wash" it out but rather scrapped it across his teeth. It was bad but I didn't feel much guilt. He was being terrible and the punishment worked. He shaped up really fast. I had the soap box sitting on the end table at my parents house when I noticed an Ironman sticker Chaz had placed on the box. I have a feeling there is a a love/hate relationship here. He wrote his name on the other side. HAHAHA!
Hanging out with Papa. We love this man!!
I could just eat him up!!
Him too!
This is not what you think. The hubs was being snarky one night so I sent him this picture via text. He claims he knew it was a baby bum but I think he thought it was the girls. HAHA!
Chaz's favorite part of shopping in Rogers? The fountain at Pinnacle mall.
and in the Summer they have misters that my son thought could double as drinking fountains.
Attack of the baby!!
Nine month doctor appt = getting the toe pricked for anemia. He was such the trooper!!
Chaz kickin' it with his BFF. Yes, they are hanging in the driveway. Yes, Chaz is (again) in his pjs. Yes, Fletcher is in a PJ top and his skivies. Yes, they are stikin' adorable!!!
We decided to take Chaz on a solo trip to White water at the end of July. I am SO thankful for my momma and the fact that she was able to keep Dane while we took Chaz on a special day. He was SO excited to go to White Water and to send 1:1 time with Mom and Dad.
Unfortunately, the weather was not so cooperative. It was quite possibly the coldest and rainiest day of the summer. I swear it was 100degrees and sunny the day before. Ugh. Chaz was a trooper and we took cover during the rainy parts of the day.
We decided to take some time to be goofy and capture this special day in pictures!
The hubs totally took one for the team and got in the wave pool. He said it was the warmest water in the park. I told him it was because there was more people to pee in the pool. He didn't think I was very funny.
Chaz is 100% our kid and cannot resist a funnel cake. I mean all that powdered sugar and dough, who can blame him??? This was a fantastic way to spend some of the rainy part of the day.
I think this series of pictures is hilarious. He was actually shaking his head from left to right. I love that I got all his goofy looks!
By the end of the afternoon he was done. D.o.n.e. He was cranky and tired and did not want to take a picture with his momma.
But after a zurrburt he was back in..
Thanks for the pic buddy! We had such a great day hanging with out big boy!
We changed him into his pjs in the parking lot and before we were to the strip in Branson, he was out like a light.
We decided to go ahead and hit the outlet mall for a few things. He was none the wiser.
I couldn't help but get a picture of these two beauties. I didn't buy either one but I would not be opposed to owning them. HA!

100% pure sweetness
One of the silliest pictures. I guess Chaz decided to use his daddy as a pedestal. I think the hubs was doing a puzzle. I posted this to FB and had several people comment on the show on TV. No, it is not something foul or inappropriate. It is a show about waterparks.. Get your minds out of the gutter, peeps! :)
Possibly a little sun-drained.. just maybe.
Dinnertime meltdown. I had to get evidence to show him how absolutely ridiculous he looked. Seriously. The Oscar goes to.................
I got into my car one day to find this. Yes, it was hot enough in my car that the goo to the Velcro holding my satellite receiver melted. Melted.
and within days of that, this happened. WTH. Good thing it was my work computer and we have people to fix such things.
Baby boy was so tired one Saturday morning that he zonked before Daddy even got out of bed.
Afternoon nap in the car. This is normal in our world. Ryan and I enjoy driving around, looking at houses, getting lost on backroads and talking about the week's events... all while the short people nap in the backseat. A couple things to notice in this picture. The fan attached to the "oh sh!t" handle, a kid has to have a fan. The toes around the headrest, precious. The blanket placement, not sure of the purpose. The milk cup, still secure in the grip of this little guy.
No Sunday nap for baby = no nap for mommy. BUT it did give us some fun, cute pictures!
These are from when I gave my phone to Dane. I think we need to work on his photography skills
One of my favorite pictures to date. Dane was snuggling on my and Chaz was looking at him with so much love. I am blessed beyond belief!
Someone located brother's Samurai sword.
Then it was time for Chaz's dentist appointment. We love this place. Their are awesome animals on the walls, outside the building, everywhere!! Dane was a fan of the Razorback outside the front door!
Chaz and the Hubs love the games you get to play while you are waiting.
Chaz is always SOOOOO good at the dentist. He actually still really likes going. I hope this continues because I am NOT a fan of going to the dentist.
This guy was right next to where Chaz was getting his teeth cleaned. Thank goodness because we were able to keep Dane (somewhat) occupied.
And they were sweet enough to give him a little plastic duck. Did I mention I heart this place??
As I was paying, Chaz ran forward and sat in the entryway. He was digging in his bag and then became incredible quiet. I asked what he was doing and he told me he was flossing. He then handed me his floss. I'm not sure how much good he was doing with this tiny piece but the intention was spot on!
And there are those pearly whites! No cavities!!
When it is rainy and yucky out, we watch movies.
This is the result of the hubs picking the most boring movie for family movie night. Chaz was zonked before opening credits, seriously. And yes, that is a large sticker on his cheek. This kid is goofy!
A little Jason's Deli action. Yummy!! This was the first time we ordered off the menu for Dane. We got him a grilled cheese and strawberries. He ate the entire plate full!!
and then he stole his daddy's ice cream cone.
"Ummmmmm, what are you looking at??? Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see"
My cousin Michelle got this sweet Kinects Farris Wheel. Chaz helped for about 2.5 seconds and then it kept the Hubs busy for the rest of the afternoon
Morning snooze!
If you remember the end of this blog, you will appreciate this picture.  After seeing the picture, my cousin Michelle decided to get Chaz some pjs that actually fit him. One evening he spent the night at her house and I received this picture with the caption "These fit, momma!!" In my defense, he would not let me get rid of them. It isn't just like I put him in small pjs.
I am SO glad this isn't me. The rain came out of nowhere. Poor fella!
As sad as this is, it is incredible hilarious!
and now for my FB finds.  LOVE this!

LOVE, LOVE this!!
and I know you have all seen these SomeECards and hopefully you find them just as funny as I do. Enjoy!
And some mommy tips I found online.  We put Chaz's toys in "timeout" when he is bad. He then has to earn them out with good behavior. This however, takes it one step further. Awesomeness!!
And this, genius. Scary that the world has come to this but still genius. 
 Happy July randomness!!  I promise I will catch up on this blog soon. Promise!

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