Friday, June 29, 2012

Memorial day weekend // 2012

Memorial day weekend equals pool and birthday time. Ryan's birthday almost always falls on the holiday weekend so we usually just compound everything into one very fun filled weekend. This weekend was no exception. We invited the fam, the Hill parents, the Schmidts and the Lanes over to my folks house and spent the majority of the weekend in the pool.

Baby boy loves the water. He doesn't tend to stay in for a long period of time but he loves it while he is in there.
Lisa and Shane were able to hang out for the weekend and enjoy some family time
Anytime Alexis and Dane are in the same place... he ends up in her arms. She adores this little guy!
Fletcher and Chaz had such a great time playing in the pool
Chaz is perfectly capable of swimming (as of this year.. YIPPEE) but he wanted to wear his life jacket like Fletcher.
The waterguns were a hit, as always. But they really tend to drive me crazy. "Don't get me wet" (as they are in the pool!) "Stop shooting me" (as they are shooting the other one) Ugh......
 Yep, there it is.. You knew that was coming!
The hams sure did work their magic on the diving board. Such cuties!
Chaz decided he was cold and he wanted to get out, dressed and play with his new toy. Don't worry, this didn't last long.
Michelle had a great time playing in the pool with Dane. I think he is quite fond of her as well.
Gaga got he time in as well. Dane was really trying to swim. Love it!!
My Meme. I love this woman so much, she is just amazing! She has fun with everything she does.
More swimming fun! He found the rope and wouldn't let go. He loved holding onto the floaties.
And then it was time to toss the kiddos.
Then it was time again to show some moves on the diving board.
Then the old man had to get in on the action. Oh my! Don't worry, he didn't hurt himself too bad.

Then it was time for Cooper to join us. I love this little guy. He is such a happy camper!
He comes by it honestly. His parents are pretty happy people themselves.

Damn whomever invented these things.. Freaking waterguns.
Did I mention my sweet Meme can't swim? Yep, according to he she sinks like a rock. Thank goodness for pool noodles!!
The birthday boy.
Mike being the motor to Coop's boat.
Old men..

The look of sheer terror!!
He decided he needed his life jacket on for these shenanigans.
Then it was time for birthday's!!  Kelsey's birthday cake!
Teddy's pie!
Ryan's chocolate pie!
He had a little help from his little buddy when it came time to blow out the candles.
Little buddy!
They are such great buddies!
After a quick pause for treat eating, it was back to opening presents. Yes, this poor little lady is completely crazy and loves Texas. I hope in the next 5 years I can change her mind and make her become a HOG!!

She was super excited to get a new, fancy camera!!
This guy got some new shoes, clothes and tons of Lowes gift cards. He was a happy, happy camper. On a separate note, we determined this hat has been around for roughly 13 years. HA!
 Popsicle.. relaxing!!
What a great day! We were surrounded by family, friends, birthdays, food, drinks, pool, etc. Excellent day!
Happy Memorial Day! Remember what it is all about. Our freedom is never free. God bless and thank you to all the troops and to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

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