Monday, June 11, 2012

May randomness!

Welcome to the wonderful world of randomness! And what happens in May? Mom and Dad open their pool. So, we spend a lot of time at their house, in the pool!  I am sure you have seen this post and know that the boy now knows how to swim but at the beginning of the Summer we weren't certain what he was going to do, every summer we start out differently, so we started in the swim vest.

Chaz is great at knowing the pool rules. He doesn't get in by himself, he always wears a life vest of some sort and he is careful when jumping in. It makes my heart beat at the correct pace, so that is good!
Why wouldn't you sit next to the pool in your pjs?
Nice dive!
I walked into my bathroom one day to find Spiderman and The Lizard sparing on the stool. The things that happen in our house.
My mom's best friend since she was a teenager, Henri Ann, and her husband came in town from Seattle so we decided to spend some time with them. Unfortunately, I didn't get a single picture of Henri Ann. Which really makes me oh so sad! I adore these two and don't remember even not knowing them!  Fail.

We spent some time at the Bentonville Farmer's Market, ate at The Station and did a little shopping at the Blue Moon market.
Chaz wanted his turn in the stroller.
He loves playing in the fountain. I was certain we were about to end up with a really wet kid but we made it out dry!
I did get a picture of Charlie feeding our littlest. How stinkin' cute are they? Dane was quite the fan of Charlie. And I think Charlie liked him too!
Back in the pool!
Then it was time for the little one to get in the pool. Please ignore my pastiness. It is the beginning of the summer for goodness sake!
He really loves the water. He doesn't stay in very long but he likes it. He kicks and splashes.
Brother can't stand to be away from the little guy. Anything that Dane is doing, Chaz wants to be involved.

I love this picture. It makes me giggle. The look on my face, the look on Dane's face.. priceless!
Such a happy little kiddo!

Kick, kick, kick
Race with brother. Chaz thought this was hilarious! Dane was kicking like crazy! Good times!
Chaz was very clear that he won!
Kisses. Kyle loves babies and Dane is no exception!
Statue baby!
Baby toss!!
When we really baby toss.. We don't toss. I just kind of raise him up and down. He loves it! I think this picture is hilarious because you can only see the tip of Chaz's shoe. Hilarious!
Daddy's turn to have both kids crawling all over him. Dane, of course, goes straight for the glasses.
Crazy kid toss!
Dane loves his Daddy so much. I mean Dada is his first, and currently only, word.

Dane got to ride his little jet ski and loved it!!
And some swimming time with Daddy!
I love this thing but really don't totally understand it. It has been around for years. On one end there is a baby seat and the other is like a horseshoe. Yeah, not sure. Dane likes it and Chaz has decided the other end severs
as the motor. Good idea buddy.
I guess I will play along. I will be the motor. I still don't think this was the intent but whatever!

Before we turned into prunes we decided to vacate the pool. Dane got a quick bath and then it was time for a snack.
Chaz decided he needed a snack as well. Why wouldn't you enjoy a Popsicle in your skivves??

Mobile baby and VERY funny big brother!
 Baby boy's favorite thing to do in the morning!
When you are pooped, you are just pooped!
Every morning I get to hand with these two littles. They come into my bed and have their morning milk. How I ever leave to go to work is beyond me.
So happy, almost all the time!
One evening we were all hanging in the floor and I decided to capture my view at that particular moment. Bliss.
Hugs for brother. Have I mentioned how much he loves his brother??
I posted the picture to Facebook for all my friends to see. Later that evening I was scrolling through the feed and came upon this. I laughed so ha! I know my sweet friend Becca is a wonderful artist but I am pretty sure she didn't paint a picture of my boys. Silly Facebook glitch!
Heavenly. I have more love for these two little boys than I ever though humanly possible. It doesn't hurt that they are incredibly cute.

My sweet friend Christen welcomed her sweet baby girl Lilah. What a complete dollface!!!!
Chaz was super excited to get a haircut!
By the master hair-cutter! Can you believe at almost 86 years-old she is still the go-to for haircuts? She is such an amazing woman. As Chaz will tell you nobody cuts his hair except Meme, nobody!
We spent the majority of Memorial Day weekend at my parents house hanging around the pool, not a big shocker. That is a separate post. 

I saw this come across Facebook that morning and I couldn't help but save and repost. It is so very true and often times we forget what these holidays are all about.
When we left Mom and Dad's we headed for some good old Mexican food. I mean what is better than Mexican food on Memorial day? Needless to say the place was empty. We had the patio to ourselves and I was able to kick back and enjoy one of these bad boys.
Our little family of four had such a wonderfully enjoyable dinner.
Mean face!!
More neighbortime. You have seen these cuties a few time before. Here and here.  We had dinner outside and we let the kiddos eat on a blanket in the front yard. After eating and playing really hard they were pretty tuckered out. They all decided to curl-up and watch a movie....on my phone.

Yes, I actually know this person. She is a good friend of ours ..... and now one of my heroes! WOW! She did clarify that a doctor actually delivered the baby, they made it to the hospital parking lot, not the daddy. I am 100% positive Ryan could deliver a baby if we were in the same situation but I would never want him to have that pressure. Either way, amazing and A+ to both momma and daddy. And welcome to the world sweet baby girl!
Following all those days in mom and dad's pool, there were several evening spent sitting on the deck with a warm fire and a cold drink.
There are those morning milk buddies again!
As if the above wasn't random enough, so is life, I decided to add a little spice into the random post--look for this to continue. We are all on Facebook and other social networks. We all see random HILARIOUS things that make us LOL (Yep, I just did that) So I think it is really selfish for me to keep them all to myself. Some may teeter on the side of foul but if you can't laugh then you probably don't really know me. I hope you enjoy these little bits of extra spice.

This beauty is not from a social network but in fact the handy work of the Hubs. He was sent on a quick Walmart run the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, the day also happened to he his birthday. As he was there I get this. This, my friends, is our local Bentonville Walmart. She is not wearing pants. And it is the condom section (Hubs was somehow just walking by....but I gotta say, I would have stopped too) I guess maybe they were coming off the Elk River and need some protection. Hmmmm Come and get 'em!
This also is not from a social network but instead from our wonderful neighborhood. We have a rivalry of yards going on and by that I mean who's can look worse. Our neighbor Brooke is the reigning champ. Honestly, I think her builder planted weeds. It is awful. One of our other friendly neighbors left this sign for her one Friday morning. I had to stop and get a picture. HA!

Now back to that social networking thing I was talking about. If you are on your computer at all, you have seen an Ecard. If you have funny friends, you have seen SomeEcards or YourEcards. Feast your eyes on a few of my favorites. Good stuff but a little foul. Either way, if you don't giggle it is really your loss.
and if you don't have the EpicFail app. You are missing out. I have spend more time on this app than I care to admit.  In a doctors office, standing in line or pretending to do something really important on my phone so someone doesn't talk to me. Again, good stuff.
And I will end it with one of my favorites to date. My friend had two little boys. I guess there was a little issue and one was asked to apologize to the other. I only hope my kids are this funny. Hilarious!

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