Thursday, May 10, 2012

Strawberry shortcake party!!

This is Windsor. She is in Chaz's class and is absolutely precious! She looks like Strawberry shortcake so it was only appropriate that her momma threw a Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party. It was at Boingo Bounce which if you pay attention here, you know is a hit with the kiddos!
We even got the little guy in on the action. He had a blast!
This guy? This guy always loves it!
Daddy tried to see if the little guy wanted to ride the horse. He was ok with it at first but the ride was very short lived.
What is this? Yes, this happens every time we go to Boingo Bounce. Kids get on the horses and the hubs becomes the motor.What you don't see is the line of parents who are laughing their butts off. It is really a good time.
Windsor's momma did an awesome job with the decor. Everything was precious.
Including the adorable birthday girl!
The gift baskets were strawberry crates. Are you kidding? How stinkin' cute is this??

She had wraps for the water bottle and juice boxes. The cake, although I didn't get a picture, was adorable!!
What a great birthday! Happy birthday sweet Windsor! I hope you had an incredible day!

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