Friday, May 11, 2012

More Soccertime!

I realized I failed to mention this in the previous soccer post. His team name is possibly the funniest thing. Wait for it... Wait for it... The Yellow Yaks. I can't even make that up. Not the Yellow Jackets or the Yellow something else cool..Yellow Yaks. Awesomeness. Game two was not as successful as game one but as I said before, preparation was key. He will not always be happy, he will not always be the star player and his daddy may melt on the sidelines (oh my!) He will play ok and that is ok. No matter what he is my soccer star and I am proud!

Game 2: Time for warm-ups!
While brother was working out on the field, this little fan was hanging out on the sidelines. The weather was MUCH better this week (Thank goodness!!) His Gaga was happy to jump down on the blanket and play with him.
Such a happy little guy. We are so lucky!
Game time!! At first he did really good. I was thinking "Yahoo!!! Soccer star" Well as you will soon see, that was short lived.
His team was actually a team of this this week. Nigel was there and Sy'ree was playing as well!
annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we lost him. The attention span of a four year-old.
Nigel quickly took control of the game and became quite the show out. Great job, buddy!!
Pep talk from Coach Katelyn.
Nigel did really good. We are so proud of  your first game little man!
The boys quickly lost steam.
Nigel and Chaz are great friends. I am so happy they are on the same team so they get to see each other but it really doesn't help in the attention span department.
We do this every week. Every.single.week. It is hard when you start on a high like game one..and then this week. I am pretty sure it was the worst week to date. To be fair to the kids, they weren't really the problem, my hubs was the problem. He was a mess. He was sweating, pacing and just simply a mess. I have no idea how we are going to manage organize (or unorganized) sports. I am afraid the hubs will kill over from stress. What a mess!!

This week we had a full team. Unfortunately, a full team means even less attention to the game. Chaz hadn't seen Derrion in a few months and he hadn't seen Nigel since the week before. He was beside himself with excitement and really couldn't focus. We also made the tragic mistake of letting him fall asleep in the car before the game. We thought it would be good for him to get a little rest..Um, no. Bad momma move!
I love these little faces. How stinkin' cute are they??
Lots of horseplay...
Getting ready to play!
and not paying a lick of attention. This should be great..
Game on!
Nigel and Derrion didn't really understand the boundaries. They are a good 10 feet beyond our field. Coach Katelyn is trying to wrangle them in but wasn't totally successful. It was hilarious!
and just like that he was done. He literally stood in the middle of the field and watched the other kids kick the ball from one end of the field to the other like it was a tennis match. Yep, stood there like this. Later he told me he was very sad that he didn't make any goals but he was just really tired. I wanted to be the tough mommy and say "It is a game, play hard, get in there with the rest of the kids and SCORE SOME GOALS!!!" But I couldn't I looked at this little guy and I mean, he is just four. My heart melted.
I gotta say, no matter what, I am one proud momma. I will sit on the sidelines and cheer on this little guy until I can't cheer anymore. This is what a momma does and I love every minute of it. Thank you to the family for joining us for the last few games. I know Chaz is very happy to have a cheering squad.

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