Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April randomness

And so we begin, April randomness.

I finally let Dane get in the bath with his brother. I was worried about him getting in the water with all the bubbles and color tabs. You just never know what they will do to a baby's skin. But I figured he is six months old so why not? Well, maybe this is why.
I love the look Dane is giving me.. "Ummm mom, you think this is ok??"

and he looks like a character out of a Dr Seuss book. Anyone like a Who?
Supermodel pose!
Chaz has always loved to hang out with his Papa but over the last few months I think he has grown even closer to him. He loves to cook, play in the workshop and build Tinkertoy structures with his Papa. And I think Papa kinda enjoys it too!
And this is what happens when you give the four year-old your camera. HA!
So proud of the finished product. It is a jet!!
My sweet morning buddy. I can't really hate 6am when it comes with this cutie!
If you live under a rock, haven't been watching ESPN or don't live in Arkansas.. you probably don't think this is funny.. But I do :)
Did y'all know I invented Pinterest? Ha, I wish. I did find these when I was cleaning out the office. Files organized by things I wanted or wanted to do--Home improvement, decor, Christmas, Halloween, Gifts, etc.. Yep, Pinterest. If only I would have taken it digital. Damn.
This is how I tell the hubs what I want. Unfortunately, he didn't move fast enough so I don't own this cute little thing!
This is how we wish everyone "Happy Easter"
My son's awesome artwork from an app on my phone. He is quite the talent.
Really? No, he couldn't be any cuter. Look at those lips, those cheeks, yummy!!
In the middle of April we suffered quite the week (or weeks) of illness. We started with pinkeye, moved to a 103 fever and then two rounds of double ruptured eardrums. Needless to say this little guy wasn't his smiley self.
Poor buddy was simply pitiful.
You may not think this is funny but I thought I would share. This is my nightstand. Let's take inventory. A picture of the hubs (from when we were 19) a peek-a-boo bear of Danes and a Transformers walkie talkie. Yep, life is good!
We recently got some new neighbors. There are three sweet little kids and their momma. We spend the majority of our time kickin' it redneck style in the driveway with pizza, "watch for kiddos sign" and motorized vehicles. Yep, redneck. I will introduce them in a separate post but I will way I found this really funny when I saw it.
I find this to-go box very odd. I mean, I guess if you want to wash and reuse that is up to you but "dishwasher safe??"
Some mornings he is my 5am wake-up buddy. I will admit, this is not my favorite thing in the world... but he is just so darn cute!
and them he gets to pass out when I head to work. No fair!!
Hubs asleep on the couch. Isn't he a sleeping beauty?!?! I haven't a clue what is up with that pointer finger, hence why I took a picture.
"I'm with Miller at Walmart!"
I love that my friends are having babies left and right. Brooklyn Grace Garrett was born April 28th at 9:50pm. She weighed in at 8lbs8oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. She was welcomed by mom, dad and big sister-- oh and a heap load of family and friends. This girl is loved! AND she is absolutely beautiful!!
I love (some parts of) four. "Hey momma, take a picture of me doing this" Not really sure what this is but ok.
Chaz loves to hug up on his brother in the morning (and most any other time of the day) They were absolutely precious this day!
We got our first tooth. I have yet to get a picture of it but this was the day of the discovery.
Ryan and I were able to escape the kiddos for one night to celebrate my beautiful friend Sarah's birthday! It was a great time!!
Remember above when I said I like the age four.... well for the most part I do but I think he has gone deaf most of the time. I feel this is appropriate 6 out of the 7 days a week.

Happy April randomness peeps! I hope you enjoyed it!

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