Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well earned reward!

We started the bouncy ball reward jar about a year and a half ago. We have rewarded with White Water, Silver Dollar City (fail) and fun other things here and there. This time was a little different. We were in Academy Sports with my parent one afternoon when he spotted two watches (Power Rangers and Transformers) He tried to convince PaPa to buy them for him but I wasn't having it. We then decided to have the watches be the reward. It was a great idea as it was something he really wanted and it made him feel in control.

About a month later, there were two balls left and we told him if he brushed his teeth, got dressed and cleaned up a mess he had made, he could earn the last two. Obviously, this was all preplanned as we kind of time these things out. I made the hubs purchase the watches the day before.

Chaz grabbed the crew and headed to his bouncy ball jars. He told us several times that we would have to "head to Academy" after he put the balls in the jar. Little did he know, momma is a big time planner.
Here we go. Last two!
What is that bag in the background?? Hmmmmmm..
The hubs was awesome and put all the bouncy balls he had earned on top of the prize. FUN!
Chaz was so excited!!
Yep, that is his excited face!
Yes buddy, you got two!
annnnnd you decided to wear them both... along with your Spiderman watch, why not?!?
I love this reward system. I will admit we stalemate out sometimes but all in all it works pretty well for this crew. Congrats on earning your watches buddy. Momma and Daddy are very proud of you!

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