Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day off for mommy

When the kids have a day off of school, we go to Chuck E Cheese. When I have a day off of work, I organize. Really, this is what calms me. This is what makes me feel good. I know, I am weird.  Well, I am lucky enough to have the day after Easter off. Not just a vacation day, our office was closed. Which is SO much better because it is almost like the world stops turning. I know I may come in the next day to 5 or so emails but not 100. It is nice. It is relaxing. Ahhhhhhhhh.

I sent the boys to school, the hubs to work and had the entire day to myself. I did more laundry than can even be thought about. I washed things that had no need being washed. I bleached toys. I used an entire tub of Lysol wipes. I cleaned out both of the boys closets/dressers. I don't even know what else I did....

But I do know I did this.... I made a BIG mess. You see, I don't half ass things. I go in full force. This is our guest room. The closet is mine. I use it to hold my crafts, my projects, my finds, my mess. I pulled every single item out of this closet. Honestly, this picture only really shows about half of the mess I created. You know, you have to make a mess before you clean it. That is what I always say.
AND... Beautiful. These pictures don't even really do justice to the massive amount of organization that was done on this off Monday. There is an entire other section above my head that is fully organized AND I even further organized after this day--I had to buy containers, storage boxes, etc. I was not in good form to go to Target this day (aka. no shower until 6pm... very unlike me but I was on a mission!!)
If you are not OCD you probably have no clue but this was a WONDERFUL day. I actually love staying home and cleaning, organizing, etc. It fuels me. I feel great when it is all done. Happy day off for me!!

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