Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alexis' Prom // 2012

When my cousin called to see if  I would take pictures of he daughter before prom, I jumped at the chance. I adore this girl and couldn't wait to see her all dolled up for prom....and then it hit me, I am getting old.  Alexis was actually at two of my proms.. My junior year, in the belly...(yes, I am in red sequins. It was 1995 folks. And my shoes matched!)
And my senior prom. What a sweet little baby. (and my sweet Meme and Papa)
I can't believe this little angel is old enough to be going to prom. Oh me, oh my!
Even if I am old, I couldn't wait to get to my parents house for pictures. The littlest was down for a nap and the hubs and the big boy went to Razorfest for the afternoon. It was better to get them out of my hair. I love my parents backyard, to say I am jealous of the lush landscaping may be the biggest understatement of all.   Before Alexis arrive, I walked around to try and find some good spots. Although I do love my parent's yard, I quickly realized this was going to be a challenge. They have so many older, mature trees that the shadows are atrocious.

I was lucky enough to have these cute little models to help me out. Silly little red heads.
This little lady got a little out of hand and started picking leaves and fallen limps. You just can't slow this Meme down!!
Once Alexis was in her dress I noticed her wrap had some folding lines in it, so in came the worker bees. Yes, my daddy is steaming her wrap. We are a village around her!
The back of her dress was beautiful!
And her date did really good on her corsage. You can't really tell in this picture but it had really pretty rhinestones and such mixed in. It matched her dress perfectly!
Pause for pictures of a VERY cute baby!
Aunt Sandra was in charge of manning the littlest.

Ok, back to the task at hand.  We tried to find some pretty flowering trees and such but that was a challenge as well. We were about a week late for the azaleas--there were a ton of them with beautiful blooms but we had some heavy rain, which knocked of the blooms, and they were done blooming. Ugh. We were also about 2 weeks early for potted flowering plants. We were just trying to keep Alexis from getting yellow from all the pollen. We did find this blooming pink tree, which made for some pretty pictures. My cousin actually took this one.
Then I just made them stand in the yard. The green and natural background was really all that was needed. Well that and my silly red-headed mother to get them properly placed.
How cute is this? She didn't want to wear heals so she opted for sparkly Toms. LOVE IT!!
Gotta get pictures with Mom and Dad! Thanks for spiffying up you two!!
Alexis and her Nana. I love this picture but I have to mention the best part about it. Right where their shoulders hit in the middle..... yeah, Meme is behind them. She was picking up fallen branches, shocker I know. Anyways, you can't see a bit of her and she was standing up. Hilarious!
Alexis and her Meme (GREAT-Grandma!)
Dane just wanted to eat her corsage.
Bug in the dress!! Bug in the dress!! Well the fabric could be confused with a mosquito net, so you can't really blame the bug. Either way, the pictures are a riot!
And her date was handsome and just as sweet as can be. Although I tried to get him to Tebow and he wouldn't, I won't hold it against him.
Alexis and her Uncle Wesley and Aunt Kandy (my parents)
And some more with her parents

Love the shoe picture!
He hair was beautiful. Although I love this picture, it doesn't even do it justice.
Random baby shot. He was so sleepy!!
One more of the cute couple!
Alexis, you looked absolutely gorgeous! I hope you had the time of your life. You made me feel a little old but it is ok. I will just pay back the favor to you when Chaz and Dane go to their first prom. We can pull out these pictures (and next year's) and you can say the same thing I did!

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  1. Awesome pictures and a great blog! Thanks for taking pictures Teresa! Oh - minus the one of me and the poofy hair. Such a bad pic of me.