Thursday, March 22, 2012

Really? She is 6? Really?

One of my favorite little girls is six. I am shocked. Her six years have simply flown by! I have been so lucky to have her live so close and share so many memories! She is simply precious to me.

Anna started out in Pittsburgh looking like this... a cutie, I know.
Before we knew it she was in Arkansas, sporting some little Hog legs. Again, so stinkin' cute.
He daddy still made sure she knew the other side of her college roots.
And as all children do. She grew like a weed, as my Meme says. She really grew into an absolutely beautiful little girl. Not cute like the rest of them but beautiful. I know, I am a little biased because I am her Aunt but I am sure many would agree.
Next thing I knew.. yep, six. I am amazed by this little girl. She is beautiful. She has the kindest heart. She is calm (most of the time.) She is very happy. She is simply wonderful. This is our Anna. I heart her.
We celebrated her birthday with a pool party at the Boys and Girls Club! Good times!
Chaz was so excited to go swimming. I mean it has been a good seven months since he has been in a pool. He was beside himself with excitement. And I just have to tell you. His swim trunks, 24 months. I had to look at the tag three times. They come so freaking long that they last forever. Well that and the fact that he is a bean pole.
Campbell was a hoot. She would flap her arms to get in the water and then within minutes she wanted back out.. and in.. and out.. and in.. Yep, she is a toddler.
Chaz is used to a swim vest but he finally mastered the life vest. Which was a trick all in itself because these are the weird ones and this one had all kinds of malfunctions. They really should come up with a better "standard" life jacket. Come on peeps, these have been around since I was a tike!!
And then we stated to learn the water was a little cool. The kids lips started turning blue. They were still adorably cute but very cold.
Brandon was colder than anyone. He was "frozen" in the pool. I think we all remember this feeling when we were kids. (chatter of teeth) "No mom, I'm not cold" (chatter, chatter, chatter) "I prooooooooooooomise!"
You want me to jump?
In there??
No, I will sit down, wiggle to the edge and flop myself towards my daddy. Yep, that is how I jump!
Have I mentioned how cool this set up is? There are many fun water activities. This mushroom waterfall, a massive slide and basketball hoops! Good times!
Ahhh, those baby blues! Brandon is such the doll!
A goofy doll, but a doll nonetheless.
Poor Cameron. Mike didn't get in the pool and Ryan got held up showing a house, so Cam was the only dad in the pool. It was almost like a bunch of little sharks looking for something to munch. Cameron was lunch. They flocked to him. Attacking him like fresh meat. He had gone to the other side of the pool so Jackson and Campbell (You know, his kids) could jump to him. When the rest of the sharks noticed said activities taking place they attacked. Chaz was so excited, he couldn't even properly climb the ladder. Yes, that is him scaling the side.
A few times Cameron was so "circled by sharks"
that he had to let go of Campbell and let her float. She didn't care. I tell you this girl has a TON of confidence.
And the big brother comes out in Chaz. What a sweet moment? He was so protective of her. I simply cannot wait until he gets to be like this with Dane. It will come all too soon.
Yep, still not cold. No, not at all!
Chaz started doing "cannonballs"  I'm not really sure where he got this. We taught him them last year but at that time he was doing the correctly. This day, not so much. He stood on the edge, squatted down and sort of bounced into the water. This was one of those times that I really wish I would have had video because it was hilarious. He was oh so proud of himself. And that he should have be.
Last year when we were here for Jackson's birthday, Ryan took Chaz down the slide and it didn't go over too well. So, when he turned and told Cam he wanted to go I was shocked. I grabbed my camera and was ready to see if this was actually going to happen. He started up the stairs and quickly retreated. I thought, hmmm ok. Next thing I knew he was back up the stairs. Cameron was yelling at me to grab the camera because he was ready to go. Really? My boy will jump of the couch, ride his bike down a hill, etc.. but this? Usually, when it is something he knows he doesn't like there is no coaxing him. He doesn't give into peer pressure (much like his momma) I was shocked.
Yep, THAT is a smile. Floored. I say!
Oh are you wondering where this little cutie was?? He was kickin' it with his Mah. The area around the pool was REALLY hot so she was sweet enough to keep him in the little party room. I don't think she really minded snuggling with this adorable and VERY well behaved little one.
Back out to the pool. This one was having the best of times. You couldn't slow her down. Yep, toddler.
Who is that? Yep, Daddy made it to the party. Chaz was so excited when Ryan walked in. He just had to show him that he was no longer scared of the slide.
"Moooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I'm ready!"
"Ok buddy, Mommy is ready!" Oops, I guess I wasn't. Damn.
Ehh. I guess I kind of got it.
Remember that sweet little freezing boy? That is him. Passed out on his PapPaw.
There is that happy birthday girl!! She was so busy I could hardly catch her in a picture.
I did make her stop and show her cute little blue lips. Everyone had blue lips. Hilarious flashback to my childhood.
I love this picture. Remember when I said she had a ton of confidence? Well, sometimes that isn't the best thing. Within 5 seconds of this picture, the whistle sounded. Uhhh yeah, you are not suppose to be on this ledge. But doesn't she look so cute?!?!?
More fun with Daddy!
Yeah so, I'm done. Done. DONE!
and just like that, my little blue lips was out of the pool and into his party shirt. Yes, this is our "Party attire" as you have seen in several party posts.
Those were blue lips.. and these are precious blue eyes. Ahh.. Melt!
I tried to get a few more shots of my cutie and this is what he did. After each on he would say "Let me see it." I would turn my camera to show him the picture on the screen. 
He would then say "I promise I won't do it again...."
"No really, I promise.. Just take one more"  He is getting ornery in his old age.
Mmmmmm, Cupcakes.
Still cold..still blue..
and then it was time for the sweet birthday girl to blow out her candles!!
Happy Birthday Anna! You are so very precious to all of us. We simply couldn't imagine our lives without you. Thank you for being such an absolute joy! We love you!!

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  1. Oh what fun! They are the prettiest and handsomest group of little sharks in the world and soooooo sweet I'm getting that twinge you get when eating too much candy! Your blog is so great. It makes me feel like I was there. I'm still voting for you! Love to all!