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February randomness

It is almost April and I am just now doing February Randomness. I swear, I feel like I get totally caught up and next thing I know I am a month behind. How the heck does that happen? I promised you lots of fun things and I have yet to do even one. I promise they are coming. A giveaway, a new challenge to me..from you and the normal craziness of my regular life. Hang with me and I will get better at keeping up.

Anyways, let the randomness begin! This is the beautiful face that wakes me up every morning, sometimes in the middle of the night and welcomes me home every evening. God bless this sweet little boy. He is simply amazing!!
He puts up with the craziness of this family and does it with the cutest little grin!
Did I mention crazy? I just had to take of picture of this nonsense. If you know me, you know I don't cook. I can cook but I don't like to cook. Anyways, I decided to cook one evening. Nothing fancy, just edible. Well the fam followed me into the kitchen with all their stuff in tow. They are right when they say once you have kids you will never be alone.. I am NEVER alone.  This is what I had to cook around. I mean really? Maybe I will blame this on why I don't cook. But I really don't think anyone would believe me.
For some reason I find this picture simply adorable. Maybe it isn't sweet to you but I love it.
I love this one as well. Everyone is simply exhausted but happy nonetheless. that is all I really want. Smiles. Lots of smiles.
This is new. Dane is such a good little boy. I mean, I know we are biased but he is really REALLY good. I love that I am able to put him in his bed while I fold laundry and tidy up every night. He just plays and laughs. So happy! Well one night the laughter was a little more abundant and a little louder. When I went to check this is what I saw... Could they be? No, not any cuter. Not possible.
 For Valentine's Day my sweet mother-in-law spoiled me with these.. Is your mouth watering?? It should be because they were DE-lish!!
 I took this picture before I left that morning. A little bit of bedhead but I love them just the same.
I then put out their Valentine's day outfits and asked Ryan to make sure to take a picture of them before they headed off to school. This one made me giggle so much that I took a picture of it on my camera with my phone so I could send it via text message to several friends/family. Really?? This is how you get your little brother to smile. Hil-arious!
February welcomed another birthday for me. Unfortunately, this gives my hubs a few months to call me "old." Good grief. Luckily I am always, always blessed with BEAUTIFUL flowers from my parents on my birthday. They never forget. I heart them (and my flowers) Note: These pictures don't even come close to doing them justice. Not even close.

Weird kid. Weird. To be clear he gets that from his dad. Seriously.
This month Dane turned 4 months. He graduated to sitting in some new things. The walker at my parents house is one. His feet are nowhere close to ground but he still loves this thing.
He started really trying to roll. He has quite the cheering squad. My Meme was in crouching position next to the ottoman cheering him on. I wasn't sure if she was planning to catch him or what but it was really funny. She is amazing. She is 85 and has the heart of a kid. God bless her! Stephen and Aunt Sandra were also part of the cheering squad. He actually giggled more than anything.
Chaz is an AMAZING artist. I have shown you some things before and as you know he likes to paint in his skivies. Yes, a true artist. I will make a post of just his artwork soon. It is awesome. He definitely doesn't get his artistic ability from me --I am crafty. I can make things but drawing is not a skill I possess. Ryan can build things but he can't draw very good either. But this kid, this kid is something else. I don't know what it is but whatever it is, it is beautiful.
And this kid? He just hangs out and stays cute.
You are well aware of my obsession with feet so you probably know how much I heart this picture. Chaz made me take it and I am so glad I did. How stinkin' cute {Chaz foot -4 years. Dane foot-- 4 months}
I have been coveting this furniture since last summer. Our master bedroom is huge and it was simply a waste not to have a king size bed. I mean we continue to have kids and they are in our bed every morning. I was tired of hanging on the edge, hoping not to fall, so this was a must. My sweet folks decided this would be our birthday/Valentines/anniversary/whatever gift. They knew I really, really wanted these pieces. I LOVE them. I love the look of our bedroom now. After over three years in this house, it finally feels like our room (note: the comforter is new but the entertainment center still needs the love of a new TV and some decorations.. I will get there :) AND there is plenty of room in our bed for the little rugrats to watch cartoons in the morning. Happiness!
Around Christmastime, Ryan found an old He-Man DVD at Walmart for something like $2. As much as Chaz loves Power Rangers and other comicbook-like cartoons, Ryan figured he would love this. But no. He totally shunned it. He refused to even give it a chance. A month later in our wonderful parenting style, we forced him to watch it. We put it in the car DVD player and told him that was all we had (yes, lie.) He was mesmerized. I remember watching these cartoons for hours upon hours with my brother. It is hilarious to me that 1) they still make them 2) my kiddo (now) loves them.  He quickly started requesting this DVD every time he got to watch a movie and before long we were to this.. You may not be able to hear him but you can see his tiny lips move along to almost every word..
The next night he broke into this. OH MY!! I was rolling with laughter to which he quickly silenced me. He now does this every time he watches it. "By the power of Grayskull!!"  I love this kid.
One wonderful Monday morning my day began with this.. Yep, no kind of help from Mr. Computer. Really just a "Sorry, Buddy. Your email isn't going anywhere" Awesome start to the week.
My littlest man turned 4 months this month. WOW! How time has just flown by!
We took him to the doctor for his checkup only to find out that this poor baby had a double ear infection. Who knew?!?! He was (and usually is) just the happiest baby. I was none the wiser.  He weighed in at a whopping 12.9lbs. Dr Swindle told us he was a  little small for his age but very healthy. I actually thought he was getting plump but I guess I was off in my "mommy measurements." The good doc prepared us with the fact that he will probably be crawling sooner rather than later. Note to self: Start working on further baby proofing the house!!
Yes, he still zonks in the car. Love it!
I was walking into Walmart one afternoon with my mom and saw this van. She isn't used to be around me when I take pictures of random things so she was a little confused when I stepped back to take a picture. How could I not?!?!  I really wanted to parking lot stalk these people and see who owned this piece of work.
Yummy.. no other words for those sweet cheeks and lips!
He is still rocking on eating the mushy baby food. He has really covered the full range of all stage 1 foods (We can't move to stage 2 until he is a sitter, we are close!) Peas, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, prunes, bananas, peaches, pears and apples.
This is the sweet grin I get every morning before I leave for work. I love this stage because he now knows our routine. I try to do the same things each morning. Before I leave I talk to him and then give him bear hugs and kisses. This is his excited face! I love that he is this excited to give me loves!
Then there is this ornery little one. Notice the Nerf shotgun in his hand. Yes, a Nerf shotgun.  Only in Arkansas, folks! Our friend Jason purchased this for him......and then moved to Minnesota. I have thought about mailing it to him :)  Chaz is usually pretty good with it but sometimes the "don't shoot at people. mommy's pretty things or your brother" don't really resonate. This day was no different. He was shooting at me while I was drying my hair. Yes, ornery. Just look at that face.
This is one of my favorite finds of the month. I was on my way into Jason's Deli for the 3rd or 4th time in a week (I go there do often that the manager asks about my name--shameful, I know) Anyways, as I was walking in I saw this....What is it you say?? Look closely. That is The Club. I didn't even know people used these anymore. Much less in Northwest Arkansas. Much less at Jason's Deli. Much less for this car. Odd. Just plain odd.
When Dane joined our family I was really worried that Chaz would feel left out or pushed aside. Some days are better than others but we try really hard to make sure he knows, even though we have to give some major attention to Dane, he is very special and loved. What better way to make a 4 year-old feel loved than to serve him ice cream in bed? In our bed nonetheless. AND with a movie! The big bonus was that his brother was in his own bed so it was just us three.Awesome night!
After Dane's "Meet Dane Party" we were snuggling on the couch and I snapped these.. So stinkin' cute!
I was at work one day when I got a message that I had a delivery at the front. Was it my birthday? No, that was over. Valentine's day? Nope, we already did that one too.. Hmmm. It just happened to be random-make-Teresa-smile day, I guess. Because I received these beautiful flowers from my mom, dad, meme and Aunt Sandra. How awesome is that???

Happy February randomness people!!

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