Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Mrs McCutcheon

I love the people I work with. Really, I do! I especially love when they do something that gives us a reason to throw a party. Like get married. My friend Jessica was going from Maland to McCutcheon on March 17th so we decided to throw her a little shower.
I had some inspiration from Pinterest and made this beauty! I took their wedding invitation, cut it into strips and stuffed them in a clear Christmas ornament. How stinkin' cool is this?? They went to Mexico for their honeymoon and I told her she should put some sand from the honeymoon in the ornament. I am really thinking about digging ours out to do this. I love it!!
We had people write little notes of encouragement, love and well wishes to the happy couple.
Another Pinterest thing. Burlap around the vases. Note: this works MUCH better on square vases vs round ones.
Jess received some great gifts, including this pig platter.
I am kinda in love with this.
And this is what happens when your future husband gets a hold of the registry gun. I think mine registered for a big screen TV (needless to say we didn't get it as a wedding gift :)
And who doesn't need a good set of pet stairs. Really, this was the "one thing" she really, really wanted. Love it!
Gotta love Turvis. If you don't have any of these lovely cups you are missing out. Go, go now and getcha some. The party was great, the guests were awesome and the bride had a wonderful time.
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McCutcheon. I will not say "good luck" as I think that is just a terrible way to welcome someone to marriage. What I will say is love, communicate, forgive, laugh, enjoy, be humble, trust, hug, smile, live and enjoy every stinkin' moment of this wonderful ride ahead of you!!

Take me out to the ballpark!

For Dane's five month birthday we decided to gather a group and go to the ballpark.Cake, balloons, presents, a bounce house... Kidding. Seriously, people really do have "birthday" parties every month. Really, they do. But not these people. That is a little stupid if you ask me. We just happened to decide to go to the ballgame that just happened to fall on his five month birthday.  We met up with Cameron, Jackson and Campbell. It was a beautiful evening and the kids were AMAZING!
We put Dane in his little GoPod and he was happy as a clam (never understood that reference but I like to use it) Anyways, it has cool little hooks for all his little toys. Hands down one of the best new inventions! Love it!!

I think of all the cousins, Campbell and Brandon are most enamored with the littlest cousin. They simply can't get enough of him. Campbell loves to take his toys, show me and put them back. And then she smiles and runs away. Love her!!
Every single baseball game Chaz makes new friends. This one was no different. He is such a good kid in welcoming new people into his crew. He may be a little temperamental with the ones who already reside in his crew but new people, they are cool!
BEAU-TI-FUL night..

I am actually hoping for a football player but we may have some homerun hitters in the family!

Marcy wasn't there for the game and Cameron was having a terrible time managing Campbell's hair so I offered to step in. After watching Cameron wrestle (literally) Campbell for several minutes, I wasn't sure I was going to be successful but I was willing to give it a shot. I mean heck, I have two boys but I am STILL a girl. I am not totally removed.  I plopped her on my lap and tried to work as quickly as possible. She is (almost) 2 so I knew she didn't have a long attention span. Whip. Whip. Whip. and it was up in a ponytail. GO ME!! She was so proud and had to get down to show me what I had done.
She also managed to spot Danes glasses in the bag. She put them on and rocked them, showing everyone she came in contact with just how cool she was.
Hey momma, what a good boy am I??
I couldn't figure out what he was doing...
but apparently it looked like a great idea.. Monkey see, monkey do.
Even more beautiful once the sun started to go down.. Awesome.
I'm telling you, I had to have been given the best baby ever (no, not the big guy.. the little one) He is amazing. So easy going, so mild mannered. Just a joy to be around!
and then Ryan had to put his hat on... like a trucker hat. Geez.
Towards the end of the night the boys were winding down and decided to play on Jackson's computer. So sweet (when they want to be :)

What a super fun night. GO HOGS!!