Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dane's first "real" food // February 2012

We had started rice cereal a week or so before this so he was pretty anxious to get the show on the road with "real" food. Earlier in the week Dr Swindle told me to beef up on my calorie intake and to start Dane on food. I guess the boy is a little small for his age, although I think he is a total chunk! We were at my parents house to celebrate my birthday. We decided before we feasted on our steaks we would introduce the little guy to squash. He looked ready.
Or maybe not.
After he got over the initial shock of the new texture and taste he decided he may actually like this stuff.
Gaga enjoyed being the first one to feed him real food while I manned the camera for the milestone.
He is a wee bit messy but if you pay attention and block the right arm from entering his mouth, he remains a little cleaner.

Since this he has had a ton of new foods--green beans (liked) peas (loved!) peaches (loved) bananas (loved) Sweet potatoes (liked) applesauce (not a big fan) pears (liked) and carrots (hated)  He also eats oatmeal. If I mix a little oatmeal into the food he doesn't love he will eat them. He doesn't seem to be very picky. His brother was the same way, hopefully this will last.

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