Thursday, January 12, 2012

We have the day off school.. So we BOWL!!!

As usual schools were closed the Monday after New Year's. I had a bazillion things to do but when I got a text from Sally asking what we were doing for the day, all those plans went right out the window. Who cares if we have "things to do??" My time at home with the kiddos was becoming increasingly limited (return to work slated for the 17th) so we decided to play and I am glad we did.

The plan was to meet up with Sally and Fletch (Izzy was working) around 11:30 at Fast Lanes. Remember this place??  We love this place!  We decided to have lunch and bowl.

This little guy was not interested but was nice enough to snooze the entire time!
The boys were ready to go! We gave them superhero names based on what they were wearing. Fletch was Spiderman. Chaz was Batman. And the boys picked names for Ryan and Sally. The Hulk and Wonder Woman, respectively. Chaz still refers to Ryan and The Hulk, which is ever so cute in my book!
The boys were awesome and played so well together. As we were eating, all of the sudden the lights went out and the blacklights came on. They also put College football on the big screens and all TVs. This really made my day. If it were acceptable to drink beer in the middle of the day at a bowling alley... with a baby. I totally would have done it!
Once the boys were tired of bowling we decided to head over to the games. We knew everyone was tired and we probably wouldn't last long but there is no way to go to Fastlanes and not play a few games. Especially this one, according to Chaz. Really? The toilet game is your favorite??
Still doesn't care about anything we are doing. HA!
What a random funday! The rest of the day was full of naps and football watching. I give this day and A+

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