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December Randomness

December was a wonderful month. I have thoroughly enjoyed being on leave and spending some time with my boys. I know it probably doesn't make me Mother of the Year but I did keep Chaz home some days, just because I wanted to have all my boys at home with me. Love them!!

If you are my FB friend you probably saw a bunch of pictures uploaded from my phone. How could I resist when I am staring this cuteness in the face?!?!
 and I spend the majority of my days kissing on this cutie. Again, how could I not?!?
 We did have a mishap that involved LOTS of tears (mainly from my eyeballs) This kid's fingernails grow like mad and I spend hours and hours filing them down. I decided to be brave and actually use the clippers one day (if you have or have had a newborn you understand my reluctance) Well, I should have just left the clippers in the drawer. Yep, I clipped him. Massive screams and lots of tears (from us both) Then we spent a few hours just cuddling. Momma fail!
I got a little handy this month (thanks Pinterest!) and made some neat little things. I give credit to my friend Meredith on this one though. Her calendar is MUCH cuter but mine worked just as well.  Chaz was so excited to have an Advent calendar. He wasn't allowed to take his "number" until he was fully dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed and ready for school. On the way out the door he would ask me what "number it was." I would tell him and then make him find the number. I filled the paper with candy, toys and other little trinkets. He loved them!
 One morning we were getting ready to head out the door, I look down and see this.

Me: "Um Chaz? What is on your brother's head??"  
Chaz: "Bs"
Me:  "duh...."
 Two month visit to the doctor. Shot time :(
 More cute mobile uploads. He is just so scrumptiously yummy!!
 Yeah, busted! he doesn't look very happy with me! As to say "Um, were you taking pictures of me while I was sleeping?? If so, stop"
 For our annual Wright family party, you have to bring a gift. Last year I made a wreath and it went off with a bang. So this year, yep.. new wreath! I really, really loved this one! Others loved it too! My mom wanted one, so she got one--shocker! And our friend Izzy commissioned me to make one for a wreath contest at JB Hunt. Maybe I am onto something here?!?! (as with most decorations, this pictures really doesn't do it justice)
 Yes, we go to dinner in our pjs.
 Three of my favorite people!
and December was a GREAT month because of this. What is it you ask?? Well, it is our sweet baby sleeping in his bed. Well, not really his bed but the co-sleeper next to ours. Baby steps people!  Anyways, we had been struggling for a few weeks as he would only sleep while we were holding him. As cute and cuddly as this seems it is hell on your body and you don't really sleep at all. After several weeks of this we asked our doctor for some advice. He told us we should put him in the car seat and let him sleep. Which we did for several days. Ahhhhh, that was nice! But that soon wore out. One night I found this sleep sack in the closet. Honestly, I had totally forgotten about it and since the kid doesn't like to be swaddled (this is just a sack, not a swaddler) I didn't know if he would go for it. Sally and company purchased it for Dane when he was born. I decided to try it and BAM! He slept. ALL NIGHT! Another Mom of the Year here but I think he was cold and wanted the heat of our bodies. He never seemed cold but that is all I can figure. Anywho, he now sleeps great.. and not on us!!
Chaz loves to play with his little brother. And I love to watch them play. Chaz sits, watches and then kisses. LOVE!
 More hanging with the boy!
GaGa with her sweet grandsons. They adore her. And when I say adore, I mean a.d.o.r.e.  I am knocked down on the ladder the second she walks in the room. Chaz is constantly asking when he gets to see GaGa and PaPa. I am so blessed to have them both in my life and living so close to us.
 Sleepy boy. Do not disturb!
We were at my parents house one evening and Daddy was working on the tree. It was time to put on the angel and Chaz was just looking from across the room. Within moments he was in Papa's arms helping put the angel on the tree. This was a precious moment to me as I vividly remember this tradition with my dad when I was growing up. My brother and I would switch off every year, well until he decided he didn't care anymore. Then it was all me!

I'm now thinking this will be a tradition that my boys do every year at GaGa and PaPa's. LOVE!!
When Chaz was a baby, Kyle (the dog) could not be close enough to him. He constantly followed us around to see the baby. He sat at my feet while I nursed Chaz. He got a little antsy when different people would hold Chaz. And he is no different with Dane. He HAS to be around him at all times. What a good babysitter!
We got a light dusting of snow mid December. Chaz kept asking when we could make a snowman. Um, sorry buddy.
 I received my canvas of Dane's newborn picture. LOVE! It doesn't look it here but it is actually pretty big (16x20)
Etsy is one of my favorite things ever. You may remember this Tshirt? (go to the bottom of the post) Ryan has the Est. 2007. Well, I went back to the same Etsy dealer for these cute things.  You can easily read Ryan's but Chaz's says "Adorable Kiddo" and Dane's says "Adorable Baby"  I totally agree. They are all just simply adorable!!
I was really hoping to recreate the fun of last year and the year before by going down to the square one evening. Our square just does it up right with TONS of lights, ponies, camels, vendors, reindeer, Santa, etc. But no, it was terribly cold and the boy wasn't having it. This is all I got. WooooPig!!
Chaz has gotten very good at reading so he was constantly digging through the presents and telling us who's they were. He never wanted to open anything, just figure out who's was who's. (Danish if you are reading this check out the ornament on the top right of the pic-- "Happy Birthday Jesus!") 
 He would manage to get all the way under the tree. Seriously, watch the kid disappear.
 He has started turning into a chunky monkey! Love.those.cheeks!!
Mornings are the best. He is so sweet and snuggly. AND when he wakes up he is super happy, not like the rest of the Hills in this house. We are not morning people :)
The facial expressions of this kid are to die for hilarious! I also think his eyes could melt a heart in a millisecond!
I don't know.. I just think this view is very funny!
This is where he sits while I am in the shower. He is so good. He usually sleeps but if not, he is all smiles.
 And the kid likes to watch football. Tebow in this case. That is our boy!
These are some of my favorite shots to date. He was in a stellar mood and the hat didn't even make him mad. I simply could not pick just one. Enjoy!
 Sweet thang!
December also brought Chaz's dental checkup. This kid has great teeth and always gets a good report. He had zero cavities and will be in the paper come January 28th for the "No Cavity Club" Good job buddy!!
Chaz painting Mah's Christmas present. He is a true artist and paints in his underwear. Awesomeness!
 Yes, we arm wrestle at dinner. Notice the peeps in the background watching the events. They were actually watching Chaz's magic show just moments earlier. We really provide a show when we go out!
 We exchanged Christmas presents with Fletcher. What a ham!!
 He was very excited to get the Imaginext Batman helicopter. It is the little things, right?
 Chaz got a bunch of PowerRangers from the Schmidts. Not that it is a shock but he was more than happy!
Then there was this. I love the honesty of kids. Once they get a certain age there is no stopping what comes out of their mouths.  Here is how the story goes. We had already purchased the Batcopter but wanted something else to go with it. Ryan went and purchased a laser tag game but I thought it was a little too old. Izzy and Sally were over for dinner one evening and we decided to ask their opinion. They agreed Fletcher was probably not old enough for the laser tag game. We had the Marvel Comic house we were giving Chaz for Christmas so we pulled it out and asked what they thought. They both thought it was a great toy. SOLD! That is what we will get Fletcher. Fast forward a few weeks, when he opened it (just the tiniest bit) we heard "Oh, I already have this."  I turned to Sally and asked if another family member had gotten it for him, no biggy they could always take it back. But to my surprise I found out Sally actually purchased it. What??!?!  Neither of them had any recollection of the conversation above. We showed them the actual toy when getting their opinion. Wow. Hilarious!
Christmas Eve my brother and Lisa were going down by the creek to see if they could spot the eagle that had been hanging around down there. They were sweet enough to take the little guy. He was so excited to go on the hunt to see the eagle.
And they found it.

Chaz loved tossing things in the creek. My brother said Chaz had zero fear. Shane was terrified he was going to fall in.
PaPa got this cutie to add to his Christmas display collection. Chaz was in awe. I have to say, my dad really did a great job on his outside lights this year. I meant to get a picture but unfortunately I didn't. Note for next year: Take pictures of PaPa's Christmas setup. It is awesome!
The last week of the year Chaz's school did a theme every day (pjs, crazy hair, backwards day and superhero day) Chaz NEVER lets us spike his hair so we begged the week before to spike it. We had to prepare for the next week! He finally gave in and let us. Love it!!
And the real day of crazy hair. AWESOME!!! I it!!! He thought it was "so coooooool"  Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the other days. I know, momma fail.
One of my favorite things to do over the holiday was to turn off all the lights except for the Christmas decor. Literally sitting in the dark with the tree shining. Love.
Really? Really? I could seriously just eat him up. Incredibly stinkin' cute!!
Oh and another thing. He found his hands this past month.. and they taste really, really good.
Happy December randomness!!

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