Friday, December 30, 2011

God bless them all...

As we do every year, we packed up the kiddos and headed to place wreaths at the Fayetteville National Cemetery for the Wreaths Across America ceremony. The weather was beautiful as was the ceremony. It comes at the perfect time of the year and really puts you in check to understand what is important in life. Presents, ribbon, Santa, parties... no, none of that. Family, friends, freedom. That is what means the most to me.
Chaz did great throughout the entire ceremony. You never know how a little guy will be when you ask him to be still AND quite for 45 minutes. He was perfect!
Oh and the little guy in the Moby wrap (Yes, I had to watch several You Tube videos to figure out how to wrap him without dropping him!) was perfect as well. Well, beside the fact that he pooped and smelled really bad.
As always, we met up with my family and Chaz helped Meme put a wreath at Papa's grave. Chaz was very confused (he is four, so we knew he would be) but we explained that this was his mommy's papa and he
 was in heaven. He quickly responded "with Snowplow?"  Yes, with Snowplow. It has been almost two years since Snowplow passed. I love that he still remembers.   This is a very somber experience but having a kiddo around always brings fun and zest of life. God love these little guys!
After placing wreaths for my Papa and my cousin Jim Bob, Chaz was very into the day. He started asking the names and telling us who the wreath was for.  He also said he wanted a wreath for Gaga, Papa, Mommy, Daddy and Dane. It was a little difficult to explain that we didn't get wreaths.
I love that we are teaching our sons what it means to honor our military. I have the husband who will walk across a parking lot to tell someone "Thank you for your service" and I know he will make sure to teach our sons to do the same. This is one of the many things I love about him.

We are so proud to be able to participate in this every year. We will continue for years to come. Here is a look back at years past.  2010 and 2009

To all the men and women serving our country -- past, present or future -- I thank you. I pray for you. You are the reason I can raise my kids in this wonderful FREE country. We will always remember that our freedom is not free. God bless you all.

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