Thursday, December 1, 2011

Favorite faces

Over the past month and a half I have had the pleasure to stare at this face every day, all day. It has been WONDERFUL!!! 
In scanning through the pictures from the past month or so I have come across some candid and very funny (maybe just to me) shots of my little guy. Below are some of my favorite faces!!

The Yawn.. He yawns like and old man... HUGE!!
The Milk Drunk with the paci. This is very common.
The Pucker.
The Sweet Gaze
The Carp.. I love these pacis.. if not for anything else, simply for the fact that they make a baby look like a carp. HA!
The Momma-No-More-Pictures
The Sleepy-eyes-open-milk-drunk.. Triple bonus!
The Half Grin
The Mouth Open Sleep. Love!
The Thinker
The Grimace
The Straight on Pucker
and hands down my favorite--The Old Man! Look at that neck!! HA!!

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