Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dane --One month

Before Dane was born I purchased this cute little Razorback hat from Etsy. I had great intentions of using it in his newborn photo shoot, him looking scrumptious and printing it HUGE! Ok, maybe that last part is a bit of an exaggeration. I did get it on him for about 3 seconds when we were leaving the hospital, I am not even sure I got a picture of it. Ugh! And when we got to the shoot we found out it was too small! We tried to get a picture but it kept wiggling off his head. My plans were spoiled.

I worked on stretching it out for almost a full day. I was determined to get a shot with this damn hat. I tried. Not my best work but at least I got it on him and got some pictures.  You can tell he started to get a little annoyed by my picture taking.
And for the official one month pictures. My SIL Marcy got me these cute stickers you put on a onesie each month. Yeah, something else they didn't have when Chaz was little.

This picture makes me laugh. This child rarely cries but if you mess with his clothes you will get this reaction.
Then he quickly calms down. What a sweetie!
At one month he is around 8lbs. He still has his little "newborn" legs and has yet to really plump up. He loves to make a pucker face and had started to smile and giggle. He definitely recognizes voices-- Ryan, Chaz, Gaga and me for sure. He never liked to be swaddled (neither did his brother) He sleeps in a co-sleeper (like a pack and play on steroids) next to our bed. He is hit or miss on sleeping "through the night" You know that isn't really 8 hours, by doctors standards it is 5 hours straight. He is a calm baby and rarely cries. He gets terrible gas which really irritates him and makes him squirm and whine. Again, so did his brother. Speaking of, his brother is madly in love with him. He wants to help do whatever I am doing with Dane. Everyday when he gets home from school he immediately finds Dane and tells him hello. We are all in love with this little angel.
 Happy one month little buddy! You have brought us such joy in the short time you have been on this earth. I can't wait to see what the next month brings.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dane-- Week 4ish

Living the life of a little person. 

These are our first bath pictures. This is not technically our first bath as that one was Dane, me and poop. It was necessary and NOT enjoyable. And I didn't have my third arm on to take pictures. Ryan and I gave him a bath this week and got some pictures. He does pretty good and isn't terribly irritated.
We lounged.
We got stickers from Chaz for being a "good baby brother"
We rocked some hand me downs on the four week mark. We refer to this as the Rocky Balboa outfit. Isn't he a cutie?
We took self portraits.
We snuggled with brother.
we snoozed some more
and we got a special visit from the Clawsons (they even brought dinner!!!)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Toyland // 2011

The first Friday of November Ryan had to travel to Little Rock for a funeral so Chaz, Dane and myself all headed to Bentonville to hang out with my parents. As I was there, I was catching up on my Facebook and discovered the toy vendors were having Toyland at the Bentonville square that afternoon. Really? How the heck did I miss out on this all these years? We will NOT miss another one! It was so much fun.

In standard form we decided to drag the whole family with us--Mom, Dad, Meme, Sandra, Chaz, Dane and me. Dad, Sandra and Dane sat on a bench for some people watching while Meme, Mom, Chaz and I took off for some fun.  There were tons of displays and free toys. Chaz was in heaven!
We saw a ton of "lifesize" characters. If you have see any past posts (Big Red and Chuck E Cheese are the most memorable) you know that Chaz wants nothing to do with these things.  I think we may have figured out why.  When we came across Dora he was not having it--clinging to my mom and giving Dora the stare-down.
And then he said "Look Momma, a person is in there. There is hair. I told you"  Now, to be fair to myself--I have never heard him say that there was a person in there.. But it all makes sense now. He knows there are real people in these things.. it would be a little creepy to know this if you were a kid, right? 
Once we were done traumatizing the kiddo with Dora we kept on checking out the toys!
There were SO many people, kids and toys. You literally had to step over all of the above to get to see anything. And then when you were standing there looking at things you may notice something ramming your foot, like this little remote control guy. I could not get him to leave me alone!
We passed by the basketball goals and Chaz decided he just had to play. And the first four shots--SCORE! Are you kidding me?? I hope he is this good at football because I hate basketball. :)
And then the whole reason we came--The Cares... I actually showed Chaz the picture on my phone when I was telling him about the afternoon plan. He took my phone and showed everyone we came in contact with. Hilarious! We traveled around the square looking at all the booths, rounded the corner and saw the cars. There were a few families taking pictures so we jumped right in the mix.
After taking the pictures, I turned and noticed a line. A LONG line. Oh my, did I just do that?? All these people were standing in line to the picture ops that I just got. Hmmm.. Sorry peeps! You should have come from the right side.

Next up--Ponies!
When we were first entering Toyland, Chaz spotted the ride-on toys and really, really wanted to do them. We told him if he was good we would do it before we left. When we got to them there was a really long line (Yes, I decided to wait in this one and not cut. HA!)  To my amazement this kid stood (Still!) in line for over 40 minutes. I was floored.
He was so happy. He even got the car he wanted!
Before we left Chaz spotted this--Yes, that is the Batcave we have visted at Target, ToysRus and Walmart many, many times. This kid could spot this Batcave from a mile away!
I am sad that Ryan had to miss this fun time as this is really up his alley but I am blessed to have such a great family who helped me man the kiddos and travel to this great event. We will definitely be here next year. Such a good time!!