Friday, October 7, 2011

Preggo vs non preggo

Things I will miss about being Preggo

1) Using my belly as a plateau to fold laundry
2) Feeling my little guy move
3) Having Dane all to myself
4) I kinda like my ever growing bump :)
5) People who go out of their way for the pregs. Opening doors, giving up a seat, etc.
6) Pretty finger nails and full hair -- thanks prenatal vitamins!
7) Being able to eat what I want
8) Having a legit excuse to have a million pillows on my bed
9) Going to bed as early as I want and having zero guilt about it
10) The journey of pregnancy. It has been fun, scary and ever changing --and I have loved it!

Things I will love again after Dane is born

1) Sleeping on my belly
2) Sleep in general.. oh never mind
3) Getting back to regular occurring potty breaks
4) Maybe a drink?
5) It taking less than 5 minutes to put my shoes on
6) A bigger wardrobe (I am currently down to 3 pairs of decent -- non sweat pant -- pants)
7) Not being hungry all.the.time
8) Being able to move around like a "normal" person
9) Being able to wear my rings again --this is new this week :(
10) Getting back my pre-preggo brain (I know this is a slow process and I may never come back 100% but a girl can always dream, right? ;)

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