Monday, September 5, 2011

Loading up on the birthdays!

After the shower we headed back to my parent's house to enjoy the pool and catch up on some missed birthdays. We were celebrating some July/August birthday as well as Bettye's which was months ago--in our defense she has been out of town so we couldn't celebrate hers.

Chaz and Ryan spent the early part of the afternoon attending Elsie's 1st birthday party. I know, I cannot believe she is one! And I have zero pictures from the party. You know if I don't go, there is no chance of me getting any snapshots. Oh well. Happy birthday sweet Elsie!!

Once they got to Bentonville it was pool time!! This is him sharing secrets with Gaga and Meme. I haven't a clue what he was telling them.
And insert the fish.....and the insanity!
Chaz decided to paint bird houses for the birthday ladies. He spent multiple days on these things and was so proud of the finished products.  SO CUTE!!

After giving the ladies their birdhouses, all Chaz was interested in was his new box of cars Aunt Glenda gave him. He carries this thing everywhere--to dinner, to the store, in his bed, you name it!
He did take a few minutes to show me his cool Buzz goggles that Papa "fixed" (aka.. new batteries)
We open presents in the order of birthdays. Bettye went first as her birthday was months ago.. but we all chipped in for a gift card so it was over before I had a chance to get a picture. Sorry Bettye.

Meme turned 85 this year.. Eighty five and she can still run circles around me!!
Aunt Sandra's birthday is the day after Meme's. What a cool birthday present for a mom!
Kelsey teaching the boy the ways of technology. Although, he can run an iPhone better than most people out there.
Next up, Alexis.. Who was in Mexico when she turned 16!!! Lucky girl! She has always been so cute and excited when getting gifts. I remember when she was very little (around Chaz's age) and she would open a gift, hug it and say "OH, this is what I always wanted!!!!" Not much has changed. Love her!
This is the did-you-really-get-me-an-iPhone-for-my-16th-birthday face. Yes, yes they did. I have to say, she is a really good kid and deserves the "treats" she gets.
Then it was Michelle's turn. She is all about the birthdays!!
Then it was time for cake. I am not 100% sure why we had multiple cakes. I assume 1) because we were celebrating so many birthdays and 2) because one was a special sweet 16. Either way, I didn't care. Preggo just wanted a piece. MMMMMM, ice cream cake!!!
and as always, the boy just HAD to help blow the candles out!
Multiple times.... with a finger-in-the-cake pit-stop. Actually, after the first blowing of candles he said "Everyone put your fingers in the cake!!"  I have ruined this kid. But I can't help but laugh!
 Happy birthday to all you lovely ladies. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives!!!

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