Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July randomness

Here we go again!! My favorite time of the month....RANDOMNESS!!!!  July has been a fun month. Full of fun times--most either in the house or in the pool due to the 100+ degree weather. We have been trying to get rooms ready for Dane and Chaz (Switching to a BIG bunk bed and new decor) spending family time together and really just trying to keep cool in this ridiculous heat!!

My parents have been wonderful in helping get furniture moved, walls painted, etc. One evening they came over so mom and I could go look a fabric for Dane's room. I left the boys at the house because the thought of fabric shopping while dragging my dad, husband and son just doesn't sound like much fun. A few days later Chaz was super excited to show me something on his camera (he has one of those cute little kid cameras and loves to take pictures. One day I will pull all the pictures off his camera and post them in their own blog. They are quite humorous to say the least) Anyways, he brings me the camera to show me this....and follows with this commentary "So, Papa was sleepin' in the chair and I took his picture. Don't tell him because it is a secret!!!" Sure enough! I sent the picture to my dad via text and he confirmed he had no clue the 4 foot paparazzi was stalking him. Awesomeness!!

This heat has cause extreme exhaustion for this momma. Thank goodness I have a wonderful hubby who doesn't mind taking a restless 3 year-old on a car ride to calm him down and hopefully get him to sleep--all while momma gets in bed early!! Well, that is what I thought was happening when I saw this picture pop up on Facebook...along with the caption "At Braums. Supposed to be going to sleep. Shhhhh!! Momma doesn't know!" Time stamp 9pm. This is my life folks!!
Yes, I let my child sit in the window at Applebee's. He promised to keep his feet down, which he did. And he was very well behaved. And lets face it.. it is Applebee's. Don't judge.
We brought this stool down from upstairs in order to do some picture hanging and such. Well, Chaz found it and now he does a "Show" almost every night while we are eating dinner. Yes, we eat in the living room but we eat together so don't judge :)  This night he was jumping around like a wild man and I caught him in the middle of swinging his shirt like a helicopter. Rather good show if I do say so myself!
I found this guy kickin' it in the middle of the train table one day.
If you live in NWA you know there is a flower shop in Bentonville with all colors of plastic yard flamingos out  front. One day as we were driving down this busy road, we got stopped at the stoplight in front of said flamingos. Note: we NEVER get stopped at this stoplight. Chaz immediately spotted the flamingos and declared "Daddy! I want a blue pink flamingo!! Can we go get one??"  A few things 1) yes, he thinks they are called Pink Flamingos and then you give them a color. Hence "Blue Pink Flamingo" 2) I am pretty sure he thought we could just go pluck them right up without paying.  Ryan, as Ryan always does, said "Sure" without really thinking the request through. I looked at him and quickly made sure he understood that 1) this was going to happen now, not in 2 months and 2) he was going to pay whatever this flower shop decided to charge. I was a little irritated with the quick answer of "sure" without the upfront listening.  So, we looped around and headed into the flower shop. I stayed in the car, after all this was his doing. As Ryan was walking out I saw the look, the look that clearly states he was forced to overpay. Grand total.....$11 AND you had to go get the flamingo yourself. But the boy was SO happy and now I have a blue pink flamingo in my front yard. Yes, FRONT yard. I will get a picture for you soon!
Chaz has his own set of little tools (really.. like with metal and wood and everything) so his daddy let's him be a little helper when they work on a big project. He just had to come inside and show me. Cutie!!
I think I told you a few posts back that Chaz loves to get a hold of my camera and take pictures. He is really good at asking permission and now understands that he has to see something through the viewer THEN push the button. Therefore, the pictures are much better than they used to be.
With many, many requests for a belly picture.. I gave in and posted this one to FB. Six and a half months.
Chaz loves to cook with his daddy and his daddy loves to cook with him. Usually this is not the most successful adventure but they always seem to have fun. I love the look of determination, complete with protruding lips.
I haven't a clue how he even managed to get icing in his eye, but he did.
He tried really, really hard but they didn't turn out to be the prettiest cupcakes.
But I don't know that it was even a fair expectation considering how they came out of the oven.
Final product!!
It didn't really matter what they looked like.. they tasted pretty good to us!!
After cupcakes it was time to jump on the magic space ship, complete with a seat in the back for daddy. This is pretty typical for our evenings. And Ryan is such a good sport!
After the magic spaceship ride... the sugar high was in full swing!!
In preparation to move the current furniture from Chaz's room to Dane's room --converting the current full size bed back into crib form, we decided to purchase a bunk bed for Chaz. He was pumped! For a few weeks he actually slept on the floor on a mattress as we waited for the bed to come in. He would tell us everyday "I am getting a bunk bed with two beds and stairs and drawers!!"

Here is the boy as he discovered his room was pretty much empty..A couple things to point out 1) This BRIGHT green shirt is his favorite. He will wear it with anything! 2) the shirt is on backwards...and I don't care 3) when he goes into his brother's room... he is looking for his underwear in the top drawer. This is the only concern he had. He wanted to make sure we were not giving his underwear to Dane. Big concerns!

And then it came in. They delivered and set it up within an hour. As I was driving home that night, I received a phone call from Ryan and Chaz "Momma, I got it all organized {in a cute little 3 year old voice} I have my clothes in the drawers and it is perfect. Not a word outcha mouth" Yes, "outcha mouth." I couldn't make that up if I tried. Basically, he was trying to tell me that it was all taken care of and I didn't have a say. Ok son.

This is what I walked into.. He was putting all his clothes in the drawers... Looks pretty innocent, right?
Yeah, not so much! He had taken ALL of his clothes out of his closet. His clothes that I had gone through and neatly organized the day before. His dress up clothes were in the drawers under the bed along with some books. His shirts were in the drawers on the stairs along with his shoes. Not at all the plan. Everything that wouldn't fit... well, yeah... on the floor. Oddly enough it didn't take much convincing to get him to help me reorganize it. He loved the bed so much that as long as we were "spending time" with it, he was ok.
He even organized his books for me. They are not turned how I would like but I decided not to fight that battle. I had all the clothes in put away how I wanted, so I could have cared less how the books were organized... they were on the shelf and that was enough for me!
 along with Lightening McQueen and The King.... and two flashlights. All of which are VERY necessary to bedtime, according to my little guy.
I will post some pictures once the boys rooms are fully put together. We are going at a rather slow pace but hopefully it will be together before Dane gets here :)

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