Sunday, August 14, 2011

Imagination Movers!!

Unless you have a kiddo (or possibly grandkiddo) I highly doubt you know about the Imagination Movers. I, however, have been watching this fab four for years. They have a fun little show and are quite the zany group. The songs are usually a parody of current chart toppers and are very fun to sing along with. It is one of the more tolerable shows of the 2-6 age bracket. So, when an email came into my in box about a show at our local Walton Arts Center, I just couldn't help myself.  I am also REALLY blessed with a husband who will not only come along but is fully engaged in craziness like this. Thank heavens for him because this is what we were looking at!! 
We got four tickets and decided to take Jackson along for the show. The only unfortunate side of this is it was smack dab in the middle of nap time and although we attempted to get a decent (and by decent I mean and in-the-car-seat-drive-around-aimlessly-for-an-hour-or-so) nap in, our little guy was not as...ummm, chipper as we expected.  Jackson was, of course, all smiles. And yes, the too cool sunshades were a must until he decided to get in a good mood.
I cannot properly tell the story of the day without mentioning the shameless placement of the vendor stand. When we arrived at WAC we still had to pick up our tickets. Well the ticket stand is on the far side of the vestibule so you have to cross the dreaded section of  "concert junk."  Ugh. They had hats, T-shirts, visors, light up goggles (Which were $25 and NEVER mentioned or used in the concert!!) other light up stuff, pens, full out Imagination Mover outfits, etc.... and the all dreaded Imagination Mover Lightsabor, as my child called it..Yes, not only was he tired and not in the best mood but now we are stuck in a line in front of all the tempting items. I have to say, Chaz is usually pretty good and doesn't beg for things but 1) no good nap 2) lightsabors are really his kryptonite 3) there was NOTHING else to look at as we stood for 15 minutes.. Poor guy. His dad refused to give in no matter how many "pleases" he said. Yes, I blame this on Ryan. More to come on this little story.

After getting our tickets and giving Chaz and Jackson a job to do (hold the tickets.. big job people!!) We headed over to the right side entrance. I wrangled the kiddos as Ryan tried to find our seats.. then the light blub went off and he remembered we were in the balcony. He grabbed Chaz and I grabbed Jackson and we raced (as fast as this preggo can race at this point) up the stairs and into the balcony.We got great seats, right on the edge of the balcony so the boys could dance and sing without someone in front of them --Good move Ryan!! Within moments the show started. And the boys were PUMPED!!
They were so excited. Dancing, singing, following directions such as ... "Show your muscles"
and "Roll it out" (whatever the heck that means)
The show was actually a really good time. It was like a mini kid concert. There were not any skits, just songs and dancing. The guys were very interactive. Coming out into the audience, coming into the balcony and giving the boys high fives, throwing beach balls out, etc.. One even faked a nap in the audience. The boys thought this was hilarious!
And then something happened.. Chaz zoned out. He wouldn't dance. He wouldn't sing. All he would do was stare over the balcony into the audience. At first I chalked this up to him being tired.
I mean what could he be looking at?? I asked if he was looking at the guys I asked if he wanted to dance... no.  And then it happened.. "I want one of thoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose"  Um... those what??  Yep, all those glowing dots down there.. freaking light sabors. I looked down and it literally looked like every single other kid in the entire arts center had one. Lights everywhere. I guess their dads gave in while in the ticket stand line. He melted. I can't say I blame him. All those kids waving around their little light wands like it was no big deal. Geez. Kids.  (I'm kidding. Really, I'm kidding about those kids being brats and waving the lights.. really, I am. Really. I think I am just having flashbacks from the light up gun thingy at the circus. Why do these things have to light up?!?!?)
I leaned over and asked Ryan how much one of these devil lights were retailing for at the evil vendor stand.. as they had clearly turned my kid into the devil himself. "PUUUHHH-LEEEEEEASE can I have one of those light thingys...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" I had to do something about this.  After hearing that they would not really dip into the college fund, I quickly decided that these boys needed these evil light up thingys and off Ryan went. And when he came back.....WOW. You would have thought he hung the moon. These boys were SO excited!
NOW we can dance!!
Honestly, by the end I think my husband was dancing more than the kiddos. My how I heart this man!
He was actually singing in this picture, even if he looks sad. I think it is cute!
By the end of it, both boys had danced until their little legs were like Jello. The last few songs were spent sitting on Ryan's lap basking in the glow of the light up thingys. When we were taking Jackson home I heard his sweet little voice coming from the backseat asking "Aunt Teresa, can I take this home or do I leave it in the car??" What a dollface?!?!  He loved his light up thingy! When I told him Uncle Ryan bought it for him, he responded "Ahhh, thanks!!!!" Pure joy over a light up thingy. Really, what more could a kid want?
Thanks Imagination Movers! You guys rock (literally) and made our boys so happy!!

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