Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy 4th Adalynn!!

Adalynn had her birthday at Boingo Bounce. This is one of Chaz's favorite places--as shown here.. and here... To say he was excited for this day would be a bit of an understatement. It was all he could talk about for weeks. This was the day with not one but TWO birthday parties. Boingo Bounce for Adalynn and Little Gym for Sidney.  Adalynn turned four this year and could not be any cuter. Last year we went swimming for her birthday.
From the moment we walked in it was absolute may lay! Ryan is a big kid when it comes to places like this. I unfortunately had to sit this one out. I don't think Dane would like me flying down slides and jumping in jump castles. Maybe next year!
When Jackson arrived you would have thought the boys had not seen each other in years. They were so excited! They also made certain to show and teach each other about Boingo Bounce--like they had never stepped foot in this place.
I absolutely love the faces in this picture. I mean seriously, could this be any more perfect??
Adalynn being super goofy!
Sweet baby Campbell. We tried to keep her in the "safe zone" away from the big boys but as you will soon see... we were not 100% successful.
Yep, there they are, doing things they shouldn't be doing. But really, who am I to scold.. I am taking a picture of said activities.
Cameron decided Campbell should have some fun on the slides. She loved it!! Grin from ear to ear!
and then Chaz decided he was big enough to take Campbell. We decided it would be ok as there was no chance they could come off the end and I knew Chaz would not let go of her. He is going to make such a good big brother!
Sure enough, happy as a lark. What is a lark anyways? So I digress..
Then Jackson wanted all three of them to come down at the same time. Nothing bad could happen, right? Well we got lucky and although you can barely see Jackson.... nobody was hurt during this ""daredevil" stunt.
As if the above wasn't bad enough... we did this. Yep, we sent the baby down on her own. Again, there is no possibility that she would come off the end and even if she did there was a plethora of adults on the sidelines waiting to catch her. Unfortunately, even though I had my camera set to quick shot, I didn't get a good picture. I got a funny one that continues to make me giggle, but not a good one.
Love the face plant!!
Then the crazy game of "leap on Daddy's back" began. Chaz started it and Adalynn joined in. Thankfully, I got some awesome shots!
Chaz remembered a little game he was able to play way-back-when with his buddy Colt. He quickly grabbed the rockers, enlisted Jackson and got his engine (Daddy) ready to go!
Then it was time for a group photo. Clearly the kiddos were out of steam and ready for cake (or a nap)  I just don't think a successful picture was in the stars. But if you take time to review the kiddos one-by-one it is pretty humorous.
And then it was time for cake!! The energy level of the kiddos quickly increased when we herded them into the party room for cake and presents. Shocker, I know.
See? Happy cake face!

And then this awesomeness happened.. I don't think I have laughed this hard when pulling pictures from my camera... EVER!  I let Chaz take my camera to take some pictures of Jackson. This is one of his new "favorite things." He loves to take pictures of anyone and everyone. Jackson was his muse for the afternoon.  Chaz even let Jackson have a few turns with the camera. And in the end Jackson decided he would swipe his momma's phone. Why not? This way they both had cameras. The entire room was rolling with laughter based on the antics of these cute little 3 year-olds.  (BTW~ I haven't quite figured out the new formatting options on Blogspot so forgive the mess. Ideally I would have put these into cute little groupings ) 100% uncut and unedited.. Enjoy the madness!!

 Happy 4th birthday Adalynn! I hear 4 is awesome!

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