Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Branson weekend with the cousins = good times!!

A few weekends back my SIL Meghan was going to be in Branson for a Scentsy convention over the weekend and thought it would be a good idea for the rest of the Hills to join. They planned to take all the kiddos to Silver Dollar City and White Water. Well, considering it was over 100 degrees we decided to opt out of Silver Dollar City. I just didn't think that was a wise idea for this preggo momma.  We decided we could definitely do White Water on Sunday and would just drive up that day. Then we got a call from my MIL offering to take the boy. YIPPEE! I was so excited. He would have a blast and Ryan and I would have a chance to catch up on our honey-please-do-before-the-baby-is-born list.

We sent the boy off with the in-laws about 8am and headed back to the house to start tackling our list. My SIL Marcy was nice enough to keep me posted throughout the day on how much fun Chaz was having with all his cousins. He had a blast! And so did the rest of the crew.
They all rode the BIG swings....even Mah!!
Brandon, Ben, Anna and Chaz

Jackson and Chaz were like two little peas in a pod! Literally.
And Mike and Cameron took one for the team and climbed in with the kiddos.
How stinkin' cute are these kiddos?!?!?! We are missing Brandon and Campbell who both decided they didn't want to get out of the strollers for the photo.
Jackson (3) Chaz (3) Anna (5) Ben (3) 

The next day, as promised, Ryan and I headed to Branson bright and early to join the family at White Water. I have to say, I was super excited. I love White Water and it gave me the opportunity to get in the water. Always nice for a very preggo woman in 100 degree heat!

On our way we had a few unexpected but necessary stops. As we were traveling through  Alpena (Yes, Alpena. Tiny town, look it up) we happened upon something I have wanted for a very, VERY long time. As soon as we saw it Ryan quickly pulled to the side of the road. You see, my brother has had one of these cuties for as long as I can remember. I love him and have never been able to find another one.. well, besides seeing one on some random person's front porch....to which Ryan forbid me from stealing. Whatever.   Anyways, my husband knew he was not getting anywhere without purchasing this little guy.  Did I mention I love him? GO HOGS!!

The second stop was just as random.. Turtle. Cute little guy and a nice husband who just can't go on leaving a turtle in the middle of the road. Yes, I married a good one.
I didn't get any pictures at White Water you would think that I didn't bring my camera.. But I did, I just never pulled it out.  I had a great day hanging out with the kiddos, hubs, sister and brother in laws. It was warm but not terrible. AND it worked out perfect that Campbell was ready for nap time after lunch so I just hung back with her while the rest of the crew braved the big rides. They don't let preggos on those things.  Chaz did decide that he was going to go down one of the HUGE slides. You know, the ones that induce wedgies. Well, he wasn't letting up when Ryan told him he was too little. He is three and big, right?!?! So, they hiked to the very top of the slide. Many, many flights of stairs. He said if the people told him "no" he would go back down. Sure enough, he was an few inches short and they told him "no."  He wasn't upset at all. He just told his Daddy he would do it next year. Yes buddy, we will!!

As always, White Water was very good to us and the boy was sacked out before we were even out of the parking lot. What a great day!
Overall, what a great weekend. The boy had a great time, we were able to get a TON done and we all enjoyed White Water. A+ on the plan Meghan, A+!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

You are missed..

It has been six years since my Papa passed away. I have to say, I think I miss him more and more everyday. It doesn't get "easier" but it has become part of life that he is gone from this Earth. He is 100% here in spirit. I sense him around all the time. Every year on the anniversary of his passing, we release red balloons. Red was his favorite color and he ALWAYS wore it on Fridays in support of the troops. He would also scold you if you didn't do the same, which isn't really a bad thing, right? :)

I wish Chaz would have had the opportunity to meet this special man but I am blessed that I am here to tell him the stories of my Papa. He was confused at first as to why Mommy had a Papa and where he was. But over the years I think I have done a pretty good job at helping him understand.

This day comes a week after Papa's birthday and two weeks after his wedding anniversary, so the beginning of August is obviously very hard on our family. However, I have to say, when August 17th comes it feel like a weight is lifted when the balloons are released. It isn't so much of "Ok, another year down..." but rather "Yes, smiles. THAT is what he would have wanted"  I think having a happy 3 year-old around also helps!    Oh, and don't get too distracted by my son's outfit. He is dressing himself these days and some days are better than others.
My parents and brother were in Florida so we decided to send some up for them. We also sent one for Dane.
and as always we were on the phone with my parents and the rest of the fam in Bentonville.
Again, this tradition brings a smile to my family at the end of a long few weeks. It is such a blessing to have everyone so committed to doing this every year. And a cute little boy beside me along the way..

We miss you very much Papa!

You must look back at last year's post as the pictures are so similar it is a little weird.

Random funday...

We have the best parents. Really, we do!! August 11th was our 10 year anniversary (Yeah, I know!!) so Mah and Dah kept the boy while Ryan and I went to a movie. Then that Saturday, my parents offered to keep him so we could do dinner and a movie. Really? Two movies in one week (or this could be 2 movies in a year.. however you want to look at it :)  Anyways, it was such the treat!

Saturday night we ate at Ruth's Chris --yummy-- and went to see Final Destination 5 in 3D. Yes, I understand this is totally cheeseball but this is one of the reasons Ryan and I get along so well, our stellar taste in movies! We (ok, maybe just me) were so tired by the time the movie was over that we opted to go back to my parents house instead of driving all the way back to Fayetteville. I probably would have fallen asleep on the way home anyway. Just sayin'

The movie theater is at the mall in Rogers. We had been to the mall area earlier that day for lunch and noticed these giant trampoline/bungee things for kids. We told Chaz he was too little and he had to be seven to take part in this activity. Yes, we made that up but it is what seems to be working at the moment. Don't judge. Anyways, as we were leaving the movie that evening we noticed some little kids on this thing and decided to investigate. Some of them were smaller than Chaz so we had to figure out the really. The sign said you had to be 42" and 60lbs. Really? This thing was named Fit and Fun, or something of the like, and they think kids are 42" and 60lbs?? Mine easily hit the height requirement but the weight.. c'mon now! He is only 34 1/2 lbs, which is normal.  Anyways, I stopped one of the mom's coming out and she said her little girl was only 30lbs.  Yep, we are coming back tomorrow!!!

and we did. The boy was so excited and kept asking about the little white lie we told. No, he did not magically turn 7 over night. We coated over that with some excuse of new rules or something of the sort. Anyways, he couldn't wait to take his turn. He was sooooooooooo patient. No really, he was. I was rather impressed. See look.. waiting..
and more waiting...
And then it was time to get harnessed up. I have to admit, I started to get a little nervous at this point. I mean, he is my baby!
He was SO excited. I mean SOOOOOO excited!!
He wasn't quite heavy enough to make it bounce like the other kids. It wasn't necessary for him to be 60lbs but it would have helped to have 5 more on his little frame.  Ryan was trying to explain the physics behind this whole jumping/bungee thing. Chaz was trying to pretend like he cared, HA!
They switched out the bungee cords for the lower weight limit and it seemed to help. Well that and the fact that the lady and Ryan were pulling on his legs. He went from bouncing to more of a slingshot. But loved every moment of it.
This is what he refers to as "BooYaa!" NO, this is NOT the Texas "Hook 'em" sign. Do NOT be confused. This is the "Rock Star BooYaa!!" My kid is a Hog, not a Longhorn. Now that is clear, let's move on.
I had to get a picture of this because the few times he wasn't being slingshotted by his dad or the carney, he was literally dangling over the trampoline. He would try and try to touch the trampoline but even when he pointed his toes, he was an inch or so short.
And the one last trick? Daddy decided to flip him. And, as suspected, Chaz loved it! What a little dare devil. Or 100% boy as they say! 

as we left he proceeded to tell us how big he was and how he didn't need to be seven. Just look at how he walks with pride. Such the big boy!