Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shower for Evan!

This time it isn't the Hillside multiplying!! I know, shocker. My sweet cousin (who is really like my sister) is having a little boy in August. I can't tell you how excited I am to have a little "nephew" just a few months older than Dane. We are blessed with this situation on the Hill side as Jackson is a few months younger than Chaz. So it is exciting that Dane will have a little buddy close in age.

Evan is technically not due until the 12th of August but all reports indicate he will be here the first week, if not sooner!!! His big sister Sidney will be 3 the last week of July so Lindsay and Nathan will have their hands full!!

As soon as I found out Lindsay was pregnant, I knew I wanted to give her a shower. Why not?!?! I love her, I love babies. I also have the wonderful blessing of a ton of people in my family who wanted to help me give this shower.

I wasn't really going for a theme but Lindsay is doing a jungle theme in Evan's room so when I came across this cute invite I latched onto the monkey theme pretty quickly. I just LOVE Etsy. it really is one of the best websites on the planet!
We did the clothesline with all the cute onesies, hats, burp clothes, etc.. AND Lindsay's sister-in-law Jaclynn made, yes MADE, the diaper cover and shoes you see below. AHH-MAZING!The flower arrangements were nothing short of awesomeness. This picture really doesn't do them justice as they were about 4 feet tall. Very cool!And the cupcakes.! How stinkin' cute are these?!?!
If you know me, you know I love making diaper cakes. The boys are a little harder because they aren't as "cutesy" but they are still adorable.. I need to do a post of just my diaper cakes --note to self. Again, with the monkey theme. I love how this one turned out. Super cute!!
And the pretty momma opening her presents. How cute is she? She now has more monkeys than she could have ever imagined. And the abundance of Razorback stuff is nothing to sniff about either. She was definitely "showered" with gifts. Good thing, we wouldn't want Evan running around in Sid's hand-me-downs!

The paparazzi!
I love this.. and just had to get a picture. As hostesses we purchased a dual stroller for the Adam's family. It is super cool and I would be registering for one if I knew my older offspring would ride in something other than his Razorback stroller. Anyways, Jaclynn brought it in the house and we quickly realized that 1) it would take a forest of wrapping paper to get this puppy wrapped and 2) it may take several.. SEVERAL.. people to accomplish this goal. SO, we used some covering and called it a day. I really don't even think Lindsay noticed until it was time to open. Good plan girls, good plan!
In the midst of opening gifts I look back to see Kelsey getting a relaxing massage.. Way to take full advantage of the moment kiddo!
Happy momma!
Hostess picture: Sandra, My momma, My Meme, Michelle, Lindsay (guest of honor) Jaclynn and me.
Yes, that would be a booty shot. I won't go into the explanation of this but just tell you that there are MANY accidental booty pictures this day, which quickly became a running joke.
We had to get some belly pictures!
We are SO excited to be welcoming yet another baby into this world. I love his momma as if she were my own sister. And his daddy and sister aren't so bad either :)

We can't wait to meet you, sweet baby Evan. AND a few months after you are here we will have a little buddy for you to play with :)

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