Sunday, July 31, 2011

June Randomness

I have received many comments on my "random" posts. I love that everyone loves these so much. My others are usually events or thoughts but these.. well, these are my life. In the raw. Most of them are taken on my phone, pulled from Facebook or sent to me via text from the hubs. I guess I will keep up the random posts. I love them and am happy to hear that you do too!!

So we begin.. 20 weeks! I made it 20 weeks. This is HUGE to me. I finally feel like I can relax (somewhat) and enjoy this pregnancy. I have been worried since the beginning for multiple reasons. I have constantly been waiting for that moment to breath a sigh of relief. This pregnancy is completely different than my first. And everything scares the crap out of me (I will save that for another post)  Did I mention I made it to 20 weeks? Halfway? Yep, there is a smile :)
And as you are well aware by now.. we went on VACATION (part 1, part 2) !! This is Chaz yelling "WE ARE GOING ON VACATION!!" God love this kiddo!!
Playing in the car in the mall in Grapevine.
Making pancakes with Papa. This is one of his favorite things to do. If for some reason we don't make breakfast when we stay at mom and dads, he will tell us about it all the way home.
When we returned from vacation I hung out with my parents, brother, Lisa and her granddaughter. One evening we went on down to The Station in Bentonville. If you haven't frequented this establishment... YOU MUST!! It is heaven! We let the kiddos get ice-cream. I think Chaz was more excited about the old school wooden dip spoon. And yes, he is in his pjs. I have no shame!

A trip to the dentist. He loves the dentist. He is very good and does everything they ask him. We walked out with a good report and ZERO cavities. This doesn't really surprise me as he doesn't really like sweets but we have been pretty laxed considering it is summer. Either way, great report! Good job little buddy!
We play HARD in the summer. Every weekend is crammed packed with activities and outside fun. As a result, we nap. And we nap HARD!  Don't worry. I'm not that mom that overtires my little one. We do a ton of activities but we also make sure we get naps AND get to bed on time (well, except when all those Hills get together ;)   This nap.. well it required the "Too cools"
Old navy cart.
and the famous "car shot"  We have a ton of these. Mostly because he sacks out after whatever said activities we have done that morning. Once he is out, we transport him to his bed for naptime.
This was the "too cool" swimming time during Hillapalooza.
As we were cleaning out the outside toys for the Hill kids to come over Chaz came running in the house.... SCREAMING! "MOMMA!! He is HUGE. He is going to eat me!! AGGGGHHH....Bring your phone to take a picture" Yes, this IS my kid. And here is what he found. The picture does it zero justice. The thing was huge, it kinda warranted a scream.
This one makes me giggle. So, when the Hill kiddos were here I purchased "Kid size" ice cream cones. In true form, I totally forgot them (and the ice-cream) when it came to dessert time. A few days later I decided to whip them out to give Chaz a treat. He had been really good that day. Now when you look at them like this.... you may wonder why I am even talking about them.
Here you go.. is that better? HAHAHAHA!! They are tiny! I mean, I am all about limiting the amount of sweets my little one consumes but this is just silly. Silly, I say!!
Oh well, the boy liked them. Or actually the dollup of ice-cream on top. I don't think he ate a bit of the cone.
We take a picture of my belly every week. I put them in a small 5x7 photo album with the picture on the right and notes from the week on the left. By the time we have a kiddo, I have this nifty little flip book of sorts that shows how I grew and what when on during the pregnancy. It is a great keepsake! This week I, or rather Dane, got a special kiss from a cutie in his "too cools"

BEAUTIFUL Hydrangeas from my front yard. LOVE!!!

 Another day... another Spiderman goes to preschool.
Guess what we lost (actually I think we may have left them at Mad Pizza but either way, they are gone!) Yep, the "too cools"  I had to make a special trip to Academy Sports to purchase a replacement AND backup pair. When I got home I told Chaz I found them in my car. You see.. you have to get smarter as they grow up. If I were to bring them in with the tags on and tell him I got him another pair, it would have never gone over.. Instead, I had to tell a little white lie. It is for his (and my) own good. The backup pair are hiding until we lose this pair.. you know it will happen. 
I have to warn you.. I have saved the best, absolute best, for last. Yes, this is a REAL sign in a REAL hotel.. One of my lovely FB friends posted this picture. And I share it with you. There are multiple funny things contained in this one small piece of goodness. Enjoy!
 Hope you enjoyed the June Randomness!!!

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