Sunday, June 5, 2011

A big 3-3!!

Although he always points out that I am older... a mere 3 months, to be clear.. I love this guy. He is my world and makes every day an adventure. There are days when I am not sure if he is 33 or 13 but I wouldn't change it for the world. He is simply amazing.

This hat, oh this hat. It has been around for about 12 years (since the years of the 21sts) It has been through many birthdays, many people...yet is still in fairly good condition.
We started the birthday activities the night before. Ryan ran into town to run and errand and Chaz and I broke out the construction paper, markers, stickers and glitter. He LOVES to make home made birthday cards.After a fulfilled early afternoon we headed to the house to begin cooking and decorating.
Mom and Dad came over early to help us out. Mom (the queen!) made her yummy brisket. This was such a big help and super tasty. As we were cleaning the back porch, Chaz decided to shoot Ryan with the water gun. He only aimed for one specific place. Ryan was a mess once it was all said and done. I love that my dad just sat on the couch shaking his head, hilarious. The morning came with some big news, so we purposely incorporated the "big reveal" into the birthday celebrations. After all, we had our family and some close friends there so why not tell them all at once. My mother-in-law and mother tried to convince me all day to tell them early. Nope. Not happening.

As everyone arrived they had to make a guess as to the sex of the baby. Everyone, including the kids, got a vote. The votes were majority girl. Some people were certain they knew. Um, not so much. I wish I would have taken count of the votes but it was all just too exciting. I will say the the majority of the kids--along with a few adults--voted "boy" I think it is funny that the kids really thought it was a boy. I think kids have a sixth sense about these things.
We went ahead and brought out the cake early because everyone was chomping at the bits to know. We were going to get one with blue/pink inside but we simply didn't have time AND we were told that doing so will put you into wedding cake pricing. WHAT?!?!? We went with the "money shot" picture as the big reveal. It took a bit for everyone to see what we were showing them but after a little explanation they were all in the know. It is a BOY!!
After we chowed on dinner we put some candles in the cake and called it a birthday :) Two birds, one stone and a husband that doesn't mind sharing. Perfect.
Chaz was in charge of making sure "The Hat" was placed firmly on the birthday boy's head. I love this picture. Chaz was determined to give his daddy a BIG birthday squeeze.Lighting candles became a bit of a challenge on this windy evening and actually required a team of "experts" *insert paper plate and hat wind blockers* Around these parts the birthday boy/girl never gets the pleasure of blowing out their own candles, there are simply too many kids around. Also, please note my BIL Cameron trying to blow the candles from a far. Thanks for the assistance, Cam.Within moments of blowing out the candles, the kids took full advantage of the icing covered cake sitting in front of them. I love summers in our backyard. The kids are able to just run and play, not a care in the world. Ben was trying to convince Chaz to give up the super cool hat. Chaz was not having it.
The bottom right corner of our yard was a mud pit after the weeks and weeks of rain. We didn't even think about it until Anna slipped and ended up muddy. After seeing this, Brandon took a running slide into the mud (typical Brandon) Needless to say, these pants required a little cleaning.
"Momma, take a picture of me doing this." "Ok, no more pictures!"

Baby Campbell. Such a sweetie and in such a great mood. She quickly became a fan of my dad. Who can really blame the girl?!?! She was looking for him at all times and spent the majority of her evening playing with him.

The only words for this.. WHAT A HAM!?!?!?!
At one point, Campbell decided to go exploring. She was looking for the bigger kids.
and this is how I found them. They were in Chaz's playhouse feeding Campbell cake. All I can think is 5-10 years down the road (and every year in between) we are in trouble. This many kids, this close in age.. they will ALWAYS be up to something.
Dad became the friend of the kiddos. He was pushing the Rhino, setting up the roller coaster and just running around with the little ones. This is not usually what he does, so it was super cute.
What a wonderful, eventful and enjoyable night. I love my family. I love my friends. I LOVE my husband. Thank you for being a wonderful man, husband and father. You are really one in a million. Some days this may not really be a compliment but I wouldn't change a thing. You keep me on my toes and keep our life fun and exciting. I love you very much. Happy Birthday to you!!!

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