Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother's Day treat...

With a lot of the family out of town for Mother's day, we were on our own. This is really unconventional for us because usually it is a well orchestrated event to make it to all Mother's day (or any holiday for that matter) events.

Ryan asked a few times that weekend what I wanted to do. He kept suggesting the zoo....and I kept ignoring him. Honestly, I knew it would be fun but I have flashbacks to being 9 1/2 months pregnant and trying to maneuver the Tulsa zoo in 103 degree weather AND I kinda wanted to shop and get a pedi (with my boys in tow.. of course) But I gave in and I am glad I did. My toes can wait, these times cannot be replaced.
We stopped for gas in Tonitown and Chaz decided he wanted to clean the windshield. Why not?? Ryan plopped him up on the car and handed him the squeegee. He was meticulous in the cleaning of the windshield (I haven't a clue where he gets this *wink*) We had many people stop and ask if he was for hire! He of course said "Sure!! Momma, can I do their windows??" Um, no.
Once we hit the turnpike it was party time. Oh my!! Let's just say my kiddo is a little bit like his daddy. Has been since day one. I hope this funny, energetic side of him never changes. Never.a.dull.moment! "Everybody dance now!"

First step into the zoo Chaz told us he apply his sunscreen. Remember this post (about half way down).. he is very concerned with proper protection from the sun! This was a loooooooooooong process.
Of course we had to have a little of "Momma, take a picture of me doing this...." time.

Chaz thought the telescopes were waterguns. He asked me why they had waterguns to shoot the baby monkey. Try explaining this one. Every place we stopped he asked us for money for the watergun so he could shoot the animals. ALL.BOY.
Off to the petting zoo (a.k.a. my biggest enemy next to the "Germland" playground at the mall) They are just gross. Poop, pee, flies. Gross. But what am I to do? Well, I sent the boys in and remained on the outside of the fence. I blamed it on being pregnant.. Yep, sure did!Chaz was intent on touching their bums.. Why? I haven't a clue but it was gross, just gross. And remember I was on the other side of the fence.. totally defenseless against the grossness.
He was finally able to get on a log and up to a suitable petting level. He said he loved the goats!
They had a very cool pump fountain next to the goat pin. Notice the jug of hand sanitizer to the right. Score one for Momma's team!
There was a cute little playground next to the food pavilion. We told Chaz he had to eat all his food in order to play. Oddly enough, he chowed down (usually this warning shot is totally ignored. I am raising a bird. Any and all suggestions are welcome!) He has zero fear and quickly scaled the spiderman web.
He joined this little guy on the teeter totter. I can't say the other boy was too happy about his new companion but you can't see his face so let's focus on the happy kid :)
After prying him away from the park area we were off to see more animals. We had to make a quick stop at the Rhinos (as Ryan's nickname is Rhino--cute, huh?) Chaz was more concerned with something else.. "Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Look at the BIG poop. It is BIG. Really BIG" He literally grabbed Ryan's head and turned it to look. He was memorized by the giant Rhino poop. Did I mention he was 100% boy? Man, I have my work cut out for me.
Buzz Lightyear showed up in the middle of the zoo. Who knew??!?!
Chaz started to run out of gas and was just adorable.. He was explaining to me how he needed the "neat ice cream treat" otherwise known as Dippin' Dots.
I had to tell him to give me his cute face. I do this often as I just love it. Don't you?? I mean seriously, who could resist this face?
and then the what-the-heck-is-this face. He took a few bites and then handed it over to his preggo momma. I don't think he was impressed with the ice cream of the future. We knew he was super tired and we were about to have a round of meltdowns but we had to hit two attractions before we headed out.

The first was the turtle statue. I wanted a picture of Chaz and I on the turtle. What I didn't realize was the nonsense that was happening in front of me. This kid, oh this kid! Note: you cannot see the turtle statue in a single picture. Note to self: School Ryan on camera skills.

Why did I want these pictures? Oh, maybe because of THIS picture. Yep, that is my preggo self. Remember at the beginning when I mentioned the flashbacks? Well, this was the trip...2007, 9 1/2 months pregs with 103 degree heat.. Whew. This year's trip was MUCH more enjoyable :)
The other must stop? Elephants. Chaz really wanted to see the elephants. Ask and we shall deliver. He thought the big elephants were "SOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOL"
And then he started talking about butts and poop.. so we found a timeout at the elephants. He was NOT happy. I however, was quite proud of my husband as he was the one who took this one. I am usually the "time out meany." We did make sure this was an abbreviated version of time out as it was hot and stinky. Priorities people.
A few quick and cute pictures of mommy and her sweet boy on Mother's day. Priceless...
We were not even out of the parking lot.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!Thank you, Chaz! Thank you for giving me the best job in the world. You have no idea how much I love you and LOVE being your mommy. I love you so much that even hot sweaty days at the zoo are better than an day of shopping and pedicures. Seriously. There is nothing better. You are a wonderful little guy and I could not ask for a better little man. Mommy loves you very much!! Happy Mother's day to ME!!

Sidenote: Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there. Your efforts do NOT go unnoticed! I love you all! Mom, Meme, My mother-in-law Rhonda, my wonderful aunts, sister-in-laws, cousins, friends, co-workers, etc. You are all simply amazing!

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