Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hog Ball

Izzy was smart enough to plan for a bunch of us to get together for a Friday night baseball game. The weather was FANTASTIC and we got to see some old friends we haven't seen in a long time.

Chas was beside himself with excitement. He was ready to go play with his friends and watch the big game.
Within moments of getting our place set the boys had turned the wagons on their sides and created a fort for all the toys. Fletcher and Chaz were very sweet to welcome Austin into their "land." They tend to be a bit territorial so I wasn't sure how they would react to the new guy. Chaz knew Austin because they go to the same school, although Austin is almost 2 years younger then Chaz. I think the age thing worked in Austin's favor. Chaz kept calling him "The little buddy."If you have brewhaha at the game you have to put it in colored cups (I know. Weird rule) Anyways, the boys wanted their own cool colored cups. Obviously, these cups did not have brewhaha but rather ginger ale. I still have to say it looks like these little guys are rockin' a keg party. Geez.

Sweet Austin. He was such a good little guy. He was obsessed with the soccer ball. It may be one of the dirtiest toys we brought, but he loved it.
Before we knew it the fort had been turned into a car.....and these two little ladies men picked up this little cutie. I love how well the kids at the games play together. They tend to just all navigate towards each other. We had no clue who her parents were but we knew they were sitting close and we didn't mind if she played. She was a doll!!and then it was time. Time for the boys to be boys. And they sure lived up to this saying. Oh my!! They rolled around and wrestled for a good 30 minutes. We said multiple times "One of you will get hurt. Don't whine and cry when it happens." Flashback to 1985, my brother and I wrestling on the living room floor. Mom and Dad move the coffee table and out came those words... I have become my parents.

Of course it ended in tears. I can't really remember which one, I think it was Fletcher. But with little sympathy from the adults, it didn't last long. Yep, parents of the year right here folks!

What a wonderful evening. I can't wait for summer!!!

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