Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tman turns the big 0-1!

One of our favorite little bundles of joy is the big 0-1! We adore Turner (and his mommy and daddy.) He is such a calm, happy baby.
Momma Katy had a great party for Turner. We gathered at their house for activities, cupcakes, a pinata and a BEAUTIFUL day!! Turner was adorable, as always. He had his custom "Turner" shirt on and was ready to party!
It was almost impossible to keep the kiddos inside. Remember we have been trapped indoors for many, many, many months with snow, cold weather and lots of yucky days. So when the weatherman said 70-75 degrees the kids were literally scratching at the door to get outside. Can you blame them??
It didn't take long for my kiddo to find the swing. Which I am pretty sure is intended for a child much smaller than him. But I was confident in it's strength because Addison was the one to hang it. Katy had beautiful cupcakes. I will have to say when I first saw them I had flashbacks. Remember Chaz's 2nd birthday? Blue icing still makes me shiver. All I could think is GET.OUTSIDE!! So we did. Chaz got the green one. Jackson got the blue one.
They loved themand it showed...
I love this one. Cameron is trying to clean the blue mess--aka Jackson's hands--and Jackson is trying to break free!!and poor baby Campbell, looking at her momma as if to say "Where is all my icing??" Uh, no.
and then it was Turner's turn. Katy had already warned us that this did not go over very well on his actual birthday so she wasn't sure if he was going to play along. I love this series of pics.

"Ok guys, we are going to try this..." "C'mon Turner, you know you like it"

"Uh, this isn't going to go well." "Ok Momma, how 'bout you take a bite?!?!"

And that was all she wrote.. Time for snuggle time with daddy, away from the cupcake!Miss Anna was so stinkin' cute! I have never seen a little one who would just sit, stare and take it all in. I think I got one small grin out of her, but that was it!Then it was time for the pinata! They are much smarter now then they were when I was a kid. All you have to do is pull a string. No bat. No room for major injury. Brilliant!Katy is giving the rules to the kiddos and my little man is front and center spitting them back out to the other kids. Such a bossy little thing! (I have no clue where he gets that!)

And then the inevitable happened. The pinata fell. Not from pulling the correct string but from the lack of secure attachment at the beginning of the adventure. Ryan was great and decided to take one for the team and hold the pinata. Conveniently enough Turner got the lucky last string. YEAH!!
Katy is a school teacher and was smart enough to get the school librarian to come and do story time. The kids loved every minute of it. I love how much interaction Chaz had with her. He loved it!! She was absolutely fantastic!!
He is NOT picking his nose but rather wiggling it as part of story time.
Chaz is such an attentive older cousin. He was explaining to Campbell how they needed to go outside and blow bubbles. Um, I think she is still just a little young for that.
Weird kid...He wanted me to take a "silly picture" so he could look at it on my camera..I would say, success.
They had this super cute cowboy cutout for the kids. My little guy didn't quite understand how long you had to stand there to get a good picture but oh well. Jackson did a good job. Notice the blue mouth. I wonder how long THAT took to clean!Thanks for having us Turner (and Katy & Addison) We had a GREAT time!!


  1. OK, two things.

    1. WHEN did pinatas switch to the no-violence method?? I'm not sure I like this...
    2. You guys should look into the SSX method of birthdays. It won't be long before you just have one celebration each month -- for everyone in that month. One big party - and the whole gang is invited :)

  2. My Friend~ Don't worry. We will totally resurrect the "old school" method of piñata’s when they are older. For a 1st bday party it would have taken 12 hours to bust this thing :)

    As for your second comment--we do this with the adults on both sides of the family. AND you are correct it will eventually be one big party 1) because if we keep reproducing at this rate we will never be able to remember all the birthdays and 2) there will not be enough weekends in a month to cover them all separately :)