Monday, April 18, 2011

March Randomness...

Yep, I'm a little behind in my posts. I promise I will get better, or I will try.

Moving on. March randomness. What is better than randomness? Nothing! Some days I don't even know how I make it out the door. Look at what I have to leave.
We have started the Sunday morning donut thing again. Nothing better than donuts in bed.
Some days we are all just so spent by the time we get home.. all we do is cuddle and watch TV. Don't least we are together :)I had to take a quick trip into Party City to grab some items for a baby shower. Chaz loves this store so I took him along. He was very good on our little trip and was even nice enough to pose for a picture while he was playing with the nifty sunglasses.
My dad has been talking about flying a kite with Chaz for months. So the first decent (it was coooooooold!!) day we headed to the ranch to fly the kite my dad bought at Sam's (note: the kite is really innocent. Once we unwrapped it we began to realize the print may be a bit "off." I am not really sure what to say about it.. just know this little guy REALLY wanted to fly a kite so there was no time to go buy a new one.)While the adults were trying to figure out how to get the kite in the sky Chaz found the deer statue in Aunt Sandra's yard. He was a little confused to say the least.
Chaz thought it was taking WAAAAY too long to get the kite "working" so he dug around and found the instructions. "Papa, you need to use the structions!" Good point!AND WE ARE OFF!!!!
and down it went. Into the pasture. I think the cow was a bit stunned by the plummeting kite coming his direction. We, of course, sent the "city boy" to get the kite. This was probably the best part of the day. Seeing my husband sneak up on a cow to get a kite for his son.. priceless.
Don't touch the electric fence!!Aunt Sandra decided to step in and try to help!
My father, always the jokester, decided to tie the kite string to my kid. I literally had a moment where I was thinking "Hmmmm, what if we get a big gust of wind and my kid takes off?" I know.. a little much, huh?When it was time to bring the kite down Ryan and Chaz decided they wanted to "catch" it.
Why wouldn't you get in the "baseball catching pose" to catch a kite??
They got it!!After the kite extravaganza we decided to walk over and see the horses. I am pretty certain Chaz has never seen a horse up close. I wasn't sure how he was going to react, but it went over very well!
Notice how far back City boy is standing. Hee hee!
Chaz loved the horse. He wasn't the least bit scared.
Alright, here is a good one. We have recently been talking about our summer vacation with Chaz. The plan is to take off with my parents in the motor home. We will head down to Texas and do a little tour--Dallas, San Antonio, who knows where else. We figured it will be relaxing and we won't have to have much of a schedule. Good times.

Anyways, Chaz is super excited about the trip and talks about it every other day or so. One evening we put Chaz to bed and didn't hear a peep..........for about 45 minutes. Then all of the sudden we hear "Daddy, come here. You GOTTA see this!!!" My stomach literally dropped. All I could think is what he could have built/destroyed/damaged/etc in 45 minutes. We had not heard anything so it couldn't be that bad, right?

Ryan went in to "check the damage" and this is what he saw. What exactly are you look at?? Well, the boy packed for vacation. And let me tell you, this boy is prepared for everything. The list goes something like this-- 4 pairs of shoes, 3 jackets, 10-12 costumes ("in case it becomes Halloween") multiples pairs of socks and underwear, pajamas, swimsuits, hats, sunscreen, jeans, shorts, 3 step stools (?? I know) his little potty (which has been under the bathroom sink for about 11 months now--we didn't use it much) toys, books, a towel, toothbrush and a thermometer. Really? I'm telling you. I cannot make up the workings of my 3 year-old. He is something else.

I have been BEGGING for spring. Well, one beautiful Friday morning I traveled through the Chick Fil A drive through for my Friday Chicken Minis (MMMMMMMMMMMM) and I was blessed enough to see this bit of beauty. :) Hello spring!
Random funday at Fletcher's.. A little trampoline fun...
A quick trip in the truck. Oh, this makes me daydream of summer fun. We always have such a blast. I can't wait. Can't wait!!! Did I mention I CAN'T WAIT!!!One of Chaz's favorite shows is Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He can sing the theme song. He knows all the characters. He can almost recite entire episodes after one viewing. This kid is obsessed to say the least. At the beginning of every episode Jake asks for the viewer to say the "Pirate password." What is the Pirate password you may ask?? ..............

I love facebook randomness. This will certainly become part of my "standard" randomness posts. This is one from a friend. Her son found a good way to mess with his sister.. Translation: "Justin Bieber is dead and he got killed last Tuesday" Good stuff.
And this one.. This guy is my hero. Can you imagine getting off the Splash Mountain ride only to look up at your picture and see this? What a stud.
And I end with one of my favorite sights. A sweet sleeping boy. God love him!!
Happy random March!!

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