Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in a new one........

Yes, we are old. We went to my parents house for New Year's eve. And had.a.blast! Originally, we were thinking we would do the same as we have the past few years. PJ party at our house. Being out on Dickson Street or a party on New Year's Eve sounds like my own personal hell. So after watching the Notre Dame game at the Clawson's we headed to my parents house. As soon as we walked in I "decorated" Chaz. I wanted to make sure I got some quick pictures before he was off to bed 1) he didn't have a nap this day, don't ask 2) there is no way on earth I am keeping my 3 year-old up until midnight.
No, he couldn't be any cuter!
He had a little "cuddle" time with Kyle. Kyle is in a cage so he doesn't over do it. He injured his back and we wanted to make sure to keep him contained, literally. Chaz didn't understand why his lifelong buddy was caged up. So, down on the floor he went to be next to Kyle. He was so cute giving hugs and kisses through the fence.
After dinner we quickly got the kiddo into pjs. He was sooooooooooo tired. He noticed the hat on my head (it was actually a New Year's headband thing) so he sent me on a mission to find him one.
When I found him one in the right color (I had to go back and trade with the other people in the house many, many times) he wouldn't even look at me for a picture. I did get a great set of randoms.. They make me laugh.

This is probably the "best" one. Did I mention he didn't have a nap????

Meme decided to sing him a lullaby.. or "If you are happy and you know it!" Gotta love her! I love, love, love the look on Chaz's face!He began to wind down very quickly. I found him in the living room like this. Needless to say it was a quick book and off to bed!
Kyle getting some love from his daddy!After the little guy went to bed we stayed up (WAY too late!) and played 31. I lost miserably but it was a good time. My daddy even stayed up with us!!!
Teddy was in charge of opening the champagne. I loathe champagne but I did partake in the toast.
You know it is after 8pm if I am wearing my glasses. Momma and me--Love her!!
add in my sweet little meme!
I love that we just keep adding people into the picture. HA! Add in my Aunt Sandra.and Bettye. Yep, that would be all the ladies in the house. Well, except Karlee but she is a dog :)
This, this was about as "wild" as I got on New Years. I know, I am lame. But I really had such a great time just hanging out with my family!
The dogs thought we were nuts.
We called a few folks at midnight. This shot was not posed AT.ALL. I think it is hilarious!!
We even let them listen to the "New Years guy." He is from 2000 (seriously) Meme brought him from her house so we could have the pleasure of listening to him all.night.long.

Happy New Year to all! 2010 was full of ups and downs, laughter and many tears, happy times and bad times. Like every other year, I hope that I have learned from this past year. Every year only makes me a stronger person, smarter person, better wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt and friend. I hope 2011 brings exciting things, more smiles, less tears and a lifetime of memories. Cheers to 2011!!

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