Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's bowl! Let's bowl! Let's Rock-n-Roll!!

HA! Did you catch that nod to my hubby's favorite movies--Grease 2. Don't worry, he is proud of this fact. Anyways, this may have been one of my favorite days of my holiday break. Let me back up, about 3 months ago my wonderful cousin told me she was working on potty training her little girl. She said as soon as Sidney gets to 100 potties she wants Chaz to go bowling with her. Well by the time we figured out a good time to go, she was way overdue. BUT that did not curb the little guy's enthusiasm. We "talked it up" for a few days. If you haven't already learned this, you will soon learn that when you have kids you hold the carrot in front of their face in order to get stellar behavior. Yes, it is also known as bribery. Don't judge.
That morning when we got up he knew, this was the day. He was going bowling with Sidney!!! He was great. He jumped right in the shower, combed his hair (a challenge some days) brushed his teeth and ate his breakfast. I literally could have asked anything from him and he would have done it with a smile. I just had to get a picture (or 2) of him in the car, simply because he was SOOOOOO excited!!!

We got there at 11am sharp. Note to all you mom's out there: Fastlanes doesn't open until 11am on Sundays. Actually, it was about 11:05 before they opened the doors. As soon as we were in the door the kids headed straight to the bowling lanes. We got little bowling shoes (SO CUTE!) and were off! We played adults on one lane and kiddos on the other. This was Chaz's first time to bowl but Sidney had bowled before so she tried to show Chaz the ropes. Explaining the "cheater"
Daddy helping Chaz with his first ball.

I looked over to see this.. It was SOOOO much better in person but Sid was standing in front of the little hand fan like she was a Supermodel. So freakin' cute!!!
Ryan "I chunk my ball as hard as I can" Hill
He got the hang of it pretty quickly!
and then it was Chaz's turn to try and coach..
I took this one with my phone. He is just a blur because he was SO excited. I am telling you, I cannot explain with my words how wonderfully exciting this was for him.
and then he was hot. I mean he had been bowling for an hour or so, how couldn't he be hot!
and then he got lazy. It was hilarious. He literally sat down while Ryan pushed the ball off the cheater. and then he waited. ....
So remember a few posts back when I said we were "just trying not to screw up" well this is one of those moments. Chaz wanted to throw the ball like the "big people." He is pretty pushy when he wants something so we thought "Ok, the ball is really light. He will be ok" He ventured down to the lane and within moments was over the line... Yep, there is a giant sign that says "Don't step over the line. It is very slippery" Yes, yes it is. My sweet little boy's legs went as high up in the air as possible and his head hit the floor. Ugh. After a few minutes of comfort from his mommy he was ok. Thank goodness I had a boy first!! This picture was taken just a split second before said incident.
Little guy bowling shoes.. adorable!!!
After bowling and lunch we were off to play the games. Did you really think I would make it out without visiting the HUGE gameroom? Chaz went right to Ryan and said "Daddy, I need some money for that!" (pointing to the giant room full of games)
First stop: Race car. Chaz had his mind set that Sidney would get into the car with him.
After about a half a second of his driving (the car lifts up and turns at a 45 degree angle) she was done. I guess he drives like his father.
Hmmmm, that didn't work out the way I planned....Chaz convinced me to play what he calls "the other bowling" aka Skeeball. I always try to teach him....
but eventually he just stands back and cheers me on!
We came across this wonderful game! It is a "drop your token and push the rest of the tokens off the cliff" game. You know what I am talking about, they have them at the fair. Anyways, this game gave out a TON of tickets. My new favorite!
Chaz found this game, too! I wasn't a fan but he was actually pretty good at it. You had to hit a button and when you did this arm thing came out and knocked the duck over.. It was pretty worthless on my scale (2-4 tickets) but he liked it.
And then there was this beast. We noticed the entire time we were there that people were crowded around this machine AND it was spitting out hundreds and hundreds of tickets at once. It was just like the big wheel on The Price is Right. The kicker is it costs $2 to play. Nathan decided to go for it because we were about to leave. I think this picture is hilarious. He was actually trying to keep Sidney from getting bonked in the head with the lever but it actually looks like he is manhandling her face. HA! What equals a successful trip to the Mom of a 3 year-old? The little guy passed out before we made it out of the parking lot. Bowling was hands down one of my favorite experiences so far. Chaz had a wonderful time and so did we. This will become one of our regular rewards. Thanks for the invite, Sidney!

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