Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Letter from Santa..

I have no idea how she discovered it but my Mother-in-law order Chaz a letter FROM Santa. It is a very cool place where you can order a letter from Santa. You are able to feed in information about the kiddo, friends, wishes, etc. It comes in the mail like any other letter and actually has a postmark from the North Pole. VERY COOL!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This year has been the most exciting year so far (for me too!) Chaz is starting to figure out the "whole Santa thing" and is very excited about it. We tell him that we talk to Santa often, sometimes as a threat to get good behavior (don't judge) and sometimes to make sure he knows his wishes are being heard.
One evening I was reading Chaz a book before bed and Ryan came in with the mail. Chaz was very excited! At first he thought it was a letter TO Santa and we needed to get it back to him. We were able to quickly explain what the letter was all about. We were able to sit down as a family and read this very special letter from Santa. What a wonderful memory for this holiday season!!!

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