Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kid in a nest...

We have a WONDERFUL botanical garden not far from our house. Chaz loves running through the tunnels, bridges and sitting in the bird's nest. The Saturday morning we went was one of the last semi-warm day and I am SO glad we decided to soak up the sun.
Chaz loves to go up the bridge into the "nest"
Once he got in the nest he turned around and said "Take my picture in the bird nest" Well, ok! this is very funny yo me because he is not the "pose for the camera kid." I honestly have more pictures of the top of his head or side of his face than should be allowed. Needless to say I am happy with this picture.

He was also brave enough to climb up into the top of the barn (never been done before) I will spare you the picture of our bad parenting moment, people were staring, but let's just say it was similar to the Michael-Jackson-baby-over-the-balcony-incident a few years back. My husband shall remain innocent for now, although I do actually have a picture of said incident.
The tunnel is one of my favorite things. Remember these pictures from a year or so ago. LOVE!
Well, I didn't get any great ones on this day but the boy did decide to "pose" on top of the rock for me. I am just not sure what got into him that day!
Inside the train.
and before we left the boy with the chickens. He did not want to leave them and actually told me he was "worried" about them as we were walking away. At one point he stuck his finger in the cage to pet them and guess what happened.....they nibbled on his finger. I think he was more mad than anything but it was pretty funny either way. The below is him telling his daddy that the chickens bit him. See I told you he was mad!

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