Thursday, October 28, 2010

Woo Pig Sooie!

Well it is that time of the year! The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and weird people of Arkansas have their hands in the air calling those Hogs!! We love this time of year! As you probably know by now we opt to watch the game at home or with friends. Most of the time it is simply to much of a challenge to find a babysitter for Chaz and actually we would rather hang out with him and watch the game. We do try our best to make it down by the stadium to tailgate from time to time and over to friends houses for away games. Football season is the best!
For the Georgia game Marcy and Cameron were gracious enough to have everyone over to watch the game. Chaz was very excited to wear his new football uniform he got for his birthday. That was of course until he put on the pants.. He was madder than I have have seen him in a long time. He was literally screeching "They toooooooooo shooooooooooooooooooooooort!!!!!!" It took a very long time to convince him that his pants were suppose to be that short. He kept telling me "They're not pants, they're not shorts!!" He kind of had a point. I had just put my boy in capris. I literally had a lightblub go off in my head and I remembered the "Big Red" book. I ran to the car and brought back the book. The book that CLEARLY shows Big Red wearing the same kind of pants.
Well that was solved and it was time for a little pregame dance. I think these pictures were literally taken no more than 45 seconds apart. Kids. Amazing.
Then we made it to the Hills. There were a bunch of people there ready to cheer on those Hogs! Including some little bitty cuties! Turner was ready to party!!But he couldn't quite figure out why Campbell was so upset. I love the look he is giving her "Woman, why are you crying?!?!" Is this a glimpse into the future? :)
Ben and Anna were quite smitten with the little onesWhat a beautiful little cheerleader!!
Um, this may cause problems with throwing the football. Much better!
and of course we had to have popsicle time!!Brandon did something bad and was told to apologize to Jackson.. I am not sure what happened but I am ever so grateful that Marcy grabbed my camera and got these pics. How precious!
The next week it was time to face Alabama. We headed down to the tailgating event mid morning. Somehow Buzz joined us...David told us there were some acrobats performing right up the rode from us so we headed that way. We got about this far and quickly realized that IF there were acrobats they were surrounded by about 50 bouncy houses (that we could see from our vantage point, there could have been more) and we quickly turned around. Thank goodness the little boys were to short to see what we could see. We would STILL be there if they would have seen that. Whew! Close call! We had an Elvis sighting. The girls were nice enough to play along.
and he walks with no shame.. Sweet baby girl.

my obsession.. baby feet!
My little Razorback!
And then we were off to the house to watch the game.. This is how it started.....we all know how it ended *tear*

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