Wednesday, October 13, 2010

iPhone September Randomness

September iPhone fun. As previously stated I try my best to take the "bookends" of a vacation off. So before we left for New York I took the day to spend with my little man. We went to the park with my mom. It was a wonderful day! He climbed a very big plastic rock in the park. Where did I get this little dare devil? Oh yeah, his daddy!He convinced Gaga into pulling him across the zip line. Obviously, he thought it was fun! and we found the swings. and the big slide. I am so blessed to have my mom around. Chaz is so blessed to have his gaga around. I cannot believe how big my little guy is getting. He is a boy, not a baby. *tear*
and then we were off to Dairy Queen. Anytime Papa is around there is usually an ice cream trip involved. We got Chaz a mini blizzard with M&Ms. Although he isn't a huge sweets fan I figured this was our best shot. However, as you can tell by the look in his eyes he was quite fond of Papa's ice cream. He literally used this line "Papa, you want me to eat your ice cream??"and before any big trip there is a need for a pedi. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Before we left I tried to get a video of my favorite line. Me: "Chaz, what do you say to Mommy?" Chaz: "You're the best and I love you!" But that did not happen. Why would it? I think all kids refuse to do what you want on video.. Oh well, he is still a doll!

And we are off!! NYC here we come!!
A drink at Sardi's.. MMMMMM!
Saturday we were off to see the Yankees. As you know I am a Cubs fan so I didn't really have "Yankee's gear" and it didn't really matter anyways because back home my HOGS were playing. So this is what I was sporting to the Yankees game!! GO HOGS GO!!When you walk up.. THIS is what you see. Very cool!These were our original seats.. and then we upgraded (for free) Yes, that would be the opposing team's dugout.
We did a quick trip over the Brooklyn bridge. HA!
Random snapshot from a cab. NYC cab = terrifying!!NYC Stock exchange.
Random bookcase in a 5th avenue window. I sent it to dad and asked him if he would build it for me. :) Flat Iron building.
But to be home, ahhhhhhh.. nothing better than seeing this little guy. I think he was actually happy to be in his bed!
One of my favorite restaurants in Fayetteville. My little piece of heaven!and as you are probably well aware by now we had a little bit of a party the middle of this month. The screen...and the movie.. SUCCESS!!He was overwhelmed with all the toys. It was like Christmas around here. We literally just played for days. Here he is enjoying his very own "jumps-a-lot" is now upstairs in the game room. and the viewfinder, which he thinks is a camera.
For his birthday we took the day off to spend with him. The one moment he sat down at Boingo Bounce. He had such a good time. a sweet moment at ChickPlay. and then he crashed. This equals a good day!We took a trip to Target to spend some of his birthday money. There was a quick stop in the Halloween aisle. Yep, enough of that!We let him pick out anything he wanted (within the limit of his gift cards) and he did very good. He picked out a Handy Manny race car repair set and talking Phineas and Ferb dolls.
It took just a few moment for him to solidify his purchase. His mind was made up and we were off to the checkout!He checked out all by himself. What a great day!
This is what happens when you golf It equals a Friday evening of me sitting on the back porch with this as company.. Oh well...
On our way to watch the Hogs battle Georgia at Cam and Marcy's house. He was insistent on wearing his football uniform, except he was very angry that the pants did not go to his ankles "they toooooooo shoooooooooooooooooooort!!!!!!!!!" Major drama.
Not sure what this face is all about but I love it!
The Goodyear blimp was in town for the Alabama game. So we booked it down to Drake airport to see it. Chaz was so excited to see the blimp and still talks about it to this day. I think this picture is hilarious. I told Ryan to "Put him in front of the blimp." Why must boys be so literal??Mommy and Chaz
Daddy and Chaz.
We probably watched the blimp go back and forth for about an hour. It finally landed and Chaz decided we were able to leave. It is really his world, we are just living in it!
He got Hungry Hungry Hippo and really loves to play it. He is actually really good. So good that he is currently undefeated. Yep, undefeated. And trust me, he lives in a house of competitors so we are not by any means letting him win. He is winning fair and square. So fair that he insisted on explaining to his daddy that we don't cheat when playing Hungry Hippo. He told him "Daddy you don't pull his head and put de ball in der, got it!?!?!" He was very stern in his direction. Final score of the night Chaz-4, Mommy-0, Daddy-0. Legit. This kid is like the Bobby Fischer of Hungry Hungry Hippo. Off to tailgate for the Alabama game. We obviously didn't go to the game 1) we actually enjoy watching the games at our house 2) we enjoy watching the games with our little guy :) So, we had our own halftime activity. What else? Hungry Hungry Hippo. Final Halftime score: Chaz-5, Daddy-0, Izzy-0, Mommy-0The blimp leaving town on Sunday. It flew right over our house.
Unfortunately, my allergies turned into a bacterial infection in my lungs so I had to stay clear of the fam for a few days. This was Chaz's face when I told him I was sick and we couldn't curl up Sunday night to watch Handy Manny. Poor guy!
and here he is on the other couch.. Poor Momma!
A few nights later he managed to wiggle his way right up next to me. I didn't have a fever so I decided it was probably ok. And I really missed my boy!

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