Sunday, October 10, 2010

iPhone May randomness.....

So we begin with a random Saturday.. Not sure why we need 3 cups.. but oh well! He is super excited about his Tater tots from Sonic! Woah! What is a FRY doing in the Tater Tot bag????by the look on his face I think it is my fault.I guess we had a full morning because by the time we made it to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings he was out... So out that his daddy began stacking things on him... phone, wallet, salt shaker & mustard The next day we decided to take the boy to the Hog baseball game. It was really nice. Just Ryan, me and Chaz for a lazy afternoon at the ballfield. He was very interested in passing out cups.. This is VERY serious business!!He was also very particular with how he set up his "camp" What a wonderful day!
We we got home it was playtime outside. Daddy was nice and laid down on the concrete so Chaz could draw him... and yes he is wearing pink, star glasses.. watering daddy.."he needs to grow big!"tracing daddy. I love that my husband is such a good sport! OR is he napping? either way this was a great afternoon!! On May 6th we welcomed a new addition to the Hill clan. Campbell Kate Hill was born at 8:26am. Her stats: 8lbs 3.9oz, 18 3/4 inches. She is the third granddaughter on the Hill side. She joined 7 other cousins: Brady, Sydney, Anna, Chaz, Jackson, Ben and Brandon. Later that month we rounded the Hill cousins to 9 when we welcomed Madilyn. We are so blessed with all these little kiddos!!One of our new favorite spots to eat in Fayetteville is Feltner Brothers. Now if you know the famous burger place in Russelville--Whataburger.. You will know these guys. They are the grandsons of the founder of Whataburger.. It is sooooooooooooo good. And Chaz loves the chili.. Although I should have opted for a darker shirt on this day. I have to admit.. These two got lost in the shuffle.. They are from Easter. And yes, I know Easter was in April. Either way he is cute and I want you to enjoy his cuteness :)and another "Happy Saturday!!" He constantly puts his glasses on upside down. I tell him "Chaz your glasses are upside down" and he looks at me, with mine on, and says "No, Mommy yours are on upside down" Too cute!!Off to the mall... And the train ride. He loves this thing. We aren't even able to trick him anymore.. You know, when you try to avoid the dreaded ride as much as possible... even avoiding an entire wing of the mall.. Yep, doesn't work anymore.. Visiting with his Papa and learning how to play bean bags..He didn't want to throw them, he would rather retrieve them.And this.. Oh I love this set of pictures. These actually came to me from Ryan's phone one morning. He let Chaz dress himself.. he did ok. A T-shirt that says "Lock up your daughters" Razorback pants, green rain boots....... and he topped it all off with one of my belts.. VERY stylish!Dah had knee surgery and some of the grand kids went to see him. Although it looks like they were more interested in what was outside.. (Ben, Anna, Brandon and Chaz)Chaz putting on a necklace.. A few things to point out in this one 1) the rockin' tattoos.. He LOVES tattoos, hopefully this isn't a lifelong thing 2) the boxer briefs, nothing cuter 3) the necklace is is putting on came from Jamaica. We went on vacation with Izzy and Sally back in 2005. Chaz found it somewhere.. who knows where.. and Daddy let him dress himself again. LOVE IT!!So one weekend in May, Ryan and I decided to take a long weekend and go to Dallas to furniture shop. Yes, I had been in our new house for 9 months at this point and still didn't have new bedroom furniture or a dining room hutch.. ugh.. So we shipped the kiddo to my parents house for a few days and took off.. But before that I had to get some pics.. (Yes, he was dressed like a veterinarian this day)We shopped a little the first day, got lost a TON and were starving by dinnertime.. So we ended up at the Rain Forest Cafe right by our hotel. Oh well, the food was really good and our waiter looked like a good friend of ours. Sorry for the grainy pictures, I was undercover... You be the judge.... Above is our waiter... below is our buddy BusboyI have been to Dallas to shop many times but never to furniture shop.. hence the need for the use of the Garmin. Well, day 2 we were in for a surprise when I typed in "furniture" I got this.... look at the second location .. Really?? Also note not a single one of the locations is a furniture store.. awesome!We did find something.. this little gem in Rooms to Go. I LOVE IT! And one day it will be in my bedroom. Problem this weekend was we didn't think we would find something that couldn't be delivered. You actually had to drive to their warehouse (1.5 hours away) and pick the thing up. What the heck??!?! Oh well, I still love itThe second night there I wanted a steak.. So we ended up at a Wolf Mountain Lodge like place for dinner. It was really good. We sat upstairs overlooking the downstairs dining room. Very cool atmosphere. If you know me you know I am from the south and I love steak.. but I like my steak cooked, not raw, not cold, not mooing.. COOKED. So imagine my disgust when I noticed this on the menu.. Blue? That is just gross.. Ryan also noticed something on the menu, beer sampler.. Again gross to me as I drink Bud Light pretty religiously but he wanted to try it.. Now to be fair the glasses look huge in this picture but were actually just little shot glasses.. Ryan usually is a Bud Light man as well so I told him he would most likely only like 2 of the 6 (at the most)
This is what he finished.. He liked two, one was ok, three were nasty. I win!
and then this.. HA! I love that my husband who deals with large loans for a living gets stumped when trying to add the tip to a bill. Oh, did I mention he was a waiter for a million years as well. Geez :)
While we were running around lost in Dallas (or actually Grapevine) we discovered there was a Sonic right down the road from our hotel. Since I visit my local Sonic at least twice a day this was a very welcome surprise. First stop the next morning was Sonic.. To my surprise it was a sit down.. WHAT?? Never in my life have I seen a sit down Sonic.
Ok, so I have to warn you.. The next few pictures are a little disturbing but please know we were trying to do a good deed... I will let you see the pictures and then tell you the story.... Don't faint!
Yes, that is my husband, a UofA grad, in the most heinous colors known to man. It is hard for me to even stomach looking at these pictures.. Anyways, the good deed... My cousin's kid had a birthday coming up and all she wanted was a Texas jersey, yes I know we have done her a complete injustice by letting her become a Texas fan.. This is not my fault. Anyways, we decided to keep an eye out while we were down there. Well, when we found one we didn't know what size so Ryan had to try it on while I was on the phone with her mom (my cousin) Disgusting yes.. but still a good deed.

By day three we were both tired and ready to get home to our little man. I don't think I have missed him this much EVER. This was the longest time to date that we had spent apart from him. He didn't seem to care to much.
and I guess he wore Papa and Kyle out..
Here are a couple videos of him dancing.. A few things to note 1) the sit-n-spin is used as a radio, you push the top and it plays music.. 2) he is holding the microphone like he is going to sing, but doesn't 3) I ask him to do a moon walk, which he had previously mastered but we were not successful in getting this on video

Video 2: Things to note 1) we have introduced a new prop, the water squirter 2) lots of dancing, still no singing 3) he keeps telling me it is "too late for me" not sure what that means.

I guess all the dancing the night before resulted in a very tired boy the next morning. Quick catnap before school (pun fully intended)
I picked him up from school on this day. It was a BEAUTIFUL Friday afternoon so we rolled the windows down and turned up the music. He was adorable as he put his foot up on the window sill.
That evening we had another "chair sleeper" This is how I found him.. Asleep in his chair, a thousand blankets under his bum, a couple pillows under his back and Manny face to face.. Good work kid!Chilling with Daddy in the morning.. Why wouldn't you have Triscuts for breakfast in bed?!?!?
Random Saturday happiness.. Ryan saw a sign for a car show at the mall. So off we went. Needless to say I was a little less than excited but the boys had fun.
and then to Sam's and naptime.. We played hide and seek one afternoon in the backyard. He was actually very good at hiding. The only problem is when you start saying "Chaz...where are you ??" he answers "I over here!" (behind the outdoor couch)
Cutie!There are those upside down glasses again!
Shaving... with tattoos of course!One of my mommy tricks is... if we know we will be getting home around bedtime I make it a point to bring pjs to dinner with us, as well as a milk cup. This kiddo won't drink milk at night out of anything but HIS kind of milkcup. We have bought many a cup on the fly. Hey, you have to do what you have to do, right? Anyways, one evening we go to dinner, change him into pjs and give him his milk. I was able to get these sweet shots. He looks like Linus.
Most days I am lucky to get this kiddo's hair brushed. So the days that he looks like a little model I just want to take a million pictures... Then he does this.. Oh I love toddlers!and then we round the end of May. My hubby has the great gift of having his birthday on Memorial Day weekend.... every freaking year! (not that I am jealous) Anyways, we always celebrate with a pool party :) Alexis and Kelsey were sweet enough to add this little gem to his bag of goodies.. What a goofball!

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