Wednesday, October 13, 2010

iPhone August Randomness

We begin August iPhone randomness with a trip to our local mini golf location... Gator Golf. Now let me start by saying this is hands down one of Chaz's favorite locations in all of Fayetteville. Ryan even started picking him up early from school so they could go play Gator Golf. But of course the day mommy gets to go we get this.... Kid in a raincoat with a sour attitude... awesome
He started to get a little better the closer we got to Gator Golf. I mean seriously.. Why would we not be happy to go mini golfing??
And then we were there.. Raincoat off, golf game on.. He is surprisingly really good for being 3 (or not even 3 at the time of these pictures) He would randomly get a hole in 2. He is super good at putting, not so great on the "drive"We love to drive around Fayetteville with no real agenda (hence all the pics of my kiddo in his car seat) One afternoon we were lucky to come across the Razorback football practice. It is open to the public and really the only "football game" Chaz will be attending for awhile. He thought it was the real thing so why would we spoil those dreams. We are raising this boy to be a HOG. There really is no other choice in our family. Why would there be?? :)
He is pointing at the football players.."Dey run FAST!!"Why wouldn't you sleep at the foot of your bed??We tried to cram in every little bit of summer time fun that we could. I LOVE summer, Ryan LOVES summer and now Chaz LOVES summer.. There really is nothing better than a water hose, some swimming suits and a blow-up pool at the bottom of a slide.. Good redneck fun!
One evening at IHOP.. I only took a picture because I think Ryan looks like an old man sippin' on his coffee.. hee hee.One of my favorite locations of the summer.. sunshine. feet up. parent's pool. Nothing can beat it.. This is how my kid comes home from school 4 out of 5 days. He is potty trained so bathroom time is 100% him.. I guess putting his pants back on is as well (note: he kicks them completely off so I can see how this would happen) It makes me giggle everyday..
There was an entire blog about this one.. What a wonderful man my Papa was..
I like to spend my anniversary with my family. Not just me and Ryan but all three of us. We make it a point to go to dinner early. We don't go to ChuckECheese so we have to get there early to avoid "bothering" anyone.. This year for our ninth anniversary I picked Pesto Cafe (or Gazi's for your old school folks of Fayetteville) It is a wonderful little Italian place, literally a hole in the wall attached to a less than stellar motel. But the food...mmmmmmmmmmmmm...the food!! And the company wasn't half bad either.. Chaz entertained himself, as well as Ryan and I, by trying to do the "spoon on nose trick." Hilarious! This is by far my favorite iPhone picture to date.. Now, that is really saying something considering before I started this blog iPhone randomness I counted 462 pictures on my phone. WOW.. But this one, this one is classic. I was trying to take, yet another, picture of him in the backseat on a Saturday afternoon. But this Saturday he wasn't having it and he made me fully aware. Mommy and Chaz went to Target on Sunday. Mommy likes Target popcorn so Chaz and her share. MMMMMMMM!!!!I found Chaz sleeping like this one night. My Facebook status read something like this "Honey, did you let him take a toy to bed?!?!?!" Ryan: "He has one small train in bed" Hmmm. I think I have been lied to. Random mohawk hairday! And then it was time for reward.. Yes, he did it.. ALL the bouncy balls into the big jar. Good job little man! This is him telling us all about going to the waterpark and how he had to earn his reward. "I had to brush my teeth and eat dinners and go to bed and take a shower and be good and take a shower and brush my hairs and no time out and ..and...and...and" When we got there we had to waste some time before we met up with my cousin's family for lunch.. So, this is what we foundHe loved it.. although I had flashbacks to the rickity Zipper at the fair in grade school, he made it out alive.
Silly boy!
The outlet mall wasn't near as exciting as the kiddo rides.For him at least... Looks like his daddy had a great old time! We also visited the Bass Pro shop. Kelsey and Chaz loved watching the big fish!
At the landing we came across the balloon clown. I understand it is part of their job to be a little looney but this lady had way to much air in her head. She was nice as could be but a little too looney for me!
Chaz didn't care. He got one of the best balloon "animals" I have ever seen. A fishing pool complete with a hook. How stinkin' cool is this?!?! Chaz decided he would "fish" in the fountain. Pretty smart if you ask me.
The next morning it took about 3.23 second from the time he woke up to the time he was in his swimsuit.. "WE GOING TO THE WATERPARK!!" Yes sir!!
Above was the before.. below is the after. I love the waterpark!!
and this would be the fudge that Michelle bought and left in my car. Needless to say it didn't make it through a full day in my August!One day on our way home from school he was VERY mad at me. I actually got a picture of the crocodile tears this kid can pull out of nowhere. *note: these are not tears of sadness or pain but simply "Momma, I am mad at you for no reason other than I am a really tired boy"
One evening when Fletcher was over the boys decided to take story time upon themselves. With zero prompting they jumped into Chaz's chair and started reading each other bedtime stories. What wonderful boys we have! *Note: Although Fletch looks like he is sporting his birthday suit he does have on his skivies. Now as I may have mentioned before we have many, many kiddos in the Hill family. Six to be exact. So, the places we can go out to eat as an entire family are really limited. However, we got lucky one evening when we crashed the Clawson clan's dinner at Mellow Mushroom's outside patio. It was not very "mellow" but it was fun. It ended up perfect because it was all gated off, including the exit. We literally just "caged" the kiddos onto the patio. Great plan!! And the pictures turned out very funny! The kiddos actually look like they are in jail :) *There are those 8pm dinner pjs. :)We welcomed some sweet baby girls this month. The first was Elsie Maureen. She was born on August 26th at 11:26pm. She weighed in at 6lbs 15oz and was 21.25" long. Mommy and Daddy are just smitten with this beautiful little lady!! I am so lucky to have my sweet little Meme avaliable to cut my little man's hair. She is fantastic and he really looks forward to going to Meme's for a haircut. He will actually tell me now "Momma, I think I need a haircut. We need to go to Meme's" This may have a little something to do with a little Betty Crocker cookset that she has had for a very long time (he plays with it after the haircuts) but still he loves it. He discovered the mirror on this visit. I could hardly get a good picture of him because I was laughing so hard. I will spare you all of the blurry ones :)Insert Momma's thumb. Oops!He is also so good for Meme. He sits perfectly still for her while she cuts his hair. Did I mention he is 2 in this picture?? What 2 year-old sits still???? I mean seriously can you believe how good this kiddo is?? *note: although it looks like he is getting mad and agitated he is simply explaining to Meme how he is going to play with the kitchen (Betty Crocker stuff) when she is done. He is a planner like his mommy. TADA!! What a handsome boy and a sweet little Meme! More mobile phone pictures.. So this guy, yes we have all done this.. Pulled up and not been close enough to reach the ATM but would you not reposition your car?
My wonderful boys.. as I am clearing the goop from my eyes in the morning, this is what I see. I wouldn't have it any other way. And the second baby girl of the month. Sweet Kinley Marie Garrett. She was born August 31st at 11:31pm. She weighted 5lbs 2oz and was 18 1/2" long. Her parents (Jared and Becky) are smitten as well. I mean who wouldn't be? She is beautiful!
Next up: September iPhone randomness.

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