Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Hills in NYC -- Day 4 of 4: Goodbye big city!

Day 4.. Our flight wasn't until later in the day so we left our baggage at the hotel and headed off for another day of no plans and lots of walking, because we haven't done enough of that! We started off in Greenwich Village at a small little shop for breakfast. The majority of things were closed because it was Labor Day but this was a pretty good place. They had Nutella hot cocoa, I don't understand this but Sarah was in heaven! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ryan spent the morning with a business partner who lives in the city. So Sarah, Jeff and myself did some more exploring. In our wandering we found Washington Square park which was full of families enjoying the perfect Labor Day weather. The fountain was beautiful. If I had Chaz with me I have a feeling we would have had a wet child.

We started at the beginning of 5th avenue and walked all the way up to the Flatiron building. Stopping in a few shops on the way. I can't believe I am going to legitimately say this, but I only bought 2 things.. an I heart NY shirt for Chaz and one for me.. The only reason there were two is because it was a 2 for $10 cheap T-Shirt shop. Really, that is ALL I bought!

We met up with Ryan for lunch and then it was more walking, why not?!?! During our travels we stumbled upon this beauty. What is it you may ask? Well it is the something us marketers like to call a popup store.. This one was for PopTarts and can I tell you we walked in at the right time. The people who worked there looked like they were preforming a segment of STOMP. It was amazing. They were singing, clapping, strobe lights flashing and all the while they were making custom PopTarts. WHAT?!?! I was hilarious! I felt like I had walked into the twilight zone. But unfortunately the iPhone was dead, so no video! Remember that sculpture we climbed the day before? Well this is the PopTart version, cute huh?
We had been to Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn so as Sarah said "We decided to head east and wave to Queens." Sorry Staten Island--no love for you! The stench of the east river is just as bad as they say. YUCK! But the view was beautiful. We just kind of hung out for a while. It was nice to rest the feet because by this time my two pinky toes HATED me!!
Skywriting.. Now, I will tell you that with the wind it took us a good 4 tries to figure out what they were writing.. We would read off the letters like we were working on a Wheel of Fortune puzzle...C-A-S-I-N-O ... Casino! Casino! It is for a Casino! Wow, we are geniuses! And then it was over.. we took one last group shot before we made our last subway ride back to the hotel in order to catch our plane. GOODBYE BIG APPLE!!
My only regret of the entire weekend is ....that I didn't have a pedometer! I would LOVE to know the miles I logged. My jeans were fitting a little looser when I returned. Just on this last day our route looked something like this, according to Tour Guide Sarah. Back to reality.... Hello NWA! The trip was a blast. BIG, HUGE thanks to my friend Sarah for asking us to join on this unbelievable weekend. I cannot thank you enough. I think we became even closer friends over this trip and actually discovered our husbands are not as far on different ends of the spectrum as we once thought. Oh, and a BIG thanks to my mom and dad (and Shane and Lisa) for watching the munchkin. I know he had a blast and probably didn't even know we were gone.

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